Indian Mantra to Eradicate Bed Bugs

In this post, I have written about a very interesting and simple to practice Indian Mantra Experiment, which is said to specifically tackle the most irritating and agonizing problem of Bed-Bugs. The usual off the shelf insect sprays available in medical stores do not work on Bed-Bugs. It is very difficult to completely eradicate Bed-Bugs, once they have made inroads into your house as they possess a most powerful immune system, which ensures that they gain immunity from these insect sprays after some time.

An effective method of eradication of Bed-Bugs is to spray your home with commercial agricultural pesticides, which are used in farms. However, spraying the house with just one kind of pesticide does not work. It has been the experience of many that using three different kinds of pesticides or pesticide products every alternate day ensures that the Bed-Bugs do not get immune to a single product and are ultimately destroyed.

Coming back to this Mantra Remedy for eradicating Bed-Bugs from your home, the practitioner should take a thread, which has been woven by a young unmarried girl and hold it in the right hand and chant the simple two words Mantra given in this post seven times. This is said to infuse the thread with the vibrations of the Mantra. Thread woven by unmarried girls are said to attract strong vibratory frequencies, which is the reason why they are commonly used in many Indian Mantra-Tantra Experiments.

|| ॐ स्वाहा ||
|| Om Swaha ||

After this the Mantra Infused Thread has to be tied to the Bed-Post or in those places in the house, which are infested with Bed-Bugs. Multiple threads can be infused in the same manner and used, if more than one place in the house has been infested with Bed-Bugs.

Note- This Mantra Experiment to destroy Bed-Bugs should be performed along with the prescribed scientific methods of treating this problem so as to make the treatment more effective.


  1. Sir,
    Thread which has been woven by a young unmarried girl means the thread should be separated from the finished cloth or from the thread real?

    1. A new thread woven by a girl who is unmarried, it Tantra such threads woven by unmarried girls, meaning virgins are said to be Satvik.

  2. I found a bed bug today night .I m afraid as we don't keep mess .where it came from ? And is it brings any bad fortune?

  3. There are no alternate routes to it, nor there less demanding ways. You will simply be squandering your time and in the meantime, giving the ants more opportunity to increase and develop.Kirkland exterminators

    1. Keith it is said, little knowledge is dangerous. Your culture is a baby, Vedic culture is proven so do not expose posting ignorantly.


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