Indian Home Remedies for Urticaria

In this post, I have described a couple simple traditional Indian healing home remedies for getting relief from Urticaria. Urticaria, also called Hives or Pitti in the Hindi language is a common yet most painful and irritable dermatological disorder. Urticarial disorders are normally caused due to some or the other kind of allergic reaction, even though it is a short term skin disorder, it can cause great discomfort and anguish,  due to the urge to scratch the itching skin.

Rubbing Hematite Powder [Geru in Hindi] over skin affected by Urticaria in said to give relief to the patient. Along with this traditional Indian healer advise the patient to cover his body with a blanket even in hot climatic conditions.

The second home remedy to get relief from Urticaria is very interesting even though it might sound strange and weird. Making the patient angry is said to make Urticaria subside quickly, to do this healers advise that the patient should be teased and irritated to make him angry, the angrier he get the more beneficial it is for getting relief form this skin aliment.

Note- information about these traditional Indian health home remedies has been give form educational purposes and not as an replacement for any kind of recommended medical treatment.


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