Totke to Attract and Make Lakshmi Happy

I want to share today a few most useful Totke [Upay or Paranormal Remedies] of Hanuman to attract the Goddess of Money and Plenty Lakshmi and make money stay in house.  I will also share a few important rules to be followed for those people who want to make Lakshmi happy and to stay and not go away from their lives. I have also included some very useful Lal Kitab Totke for the followers of the Lal Kitab.  – Ashok Mehta

1. Hanuman Totke for Attracting Money
a] Totka to keep your purse full of money: Use the leaf of a Banyan tree and write "जय श्री राम" or "श्री राम" on it using Kesar or Saffron. The writing has to be done in a Siddh Hanuman temple and after writing, you have to keep the leaf in front of Hanuman and recite "ॐ रामदूताय नमः” as per your capacity. Then, keep it in your wallet in a place where no one else can see. This will insure that your purse is always full of money.
b] Offer a sweet Banaras Paan on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to Hanuman. This will help you attract lots of money.
c] Make a Mala of "Jay Shri Ram" written on a garland of Banyan leaves and offer it to Hanuman. The writing has to be done using Kesar.
d] Offer Boiled Milk mixed with Sugar to Shri Ram every day.
e] This is a very powerful and Amogh Totka through which a person can attract massive amounts of money. This Totka is attributed to Hanuman and Shani Dev. The Totka is very simple. While bathing, one has to mix sesame seeds to the bath water. This is all that has to be done.  One has to ensure that the same is in sufficient quantities and when one pours the water over him, it has to be poured at Sahasra Chakra and all the parts of the body should be touched by the sesame mixed water.

2. Rules to make Lakshmi stay in house:
a] Do not disrespect the females of the house. Treat them with care.
b] Consider every girl to be a manifestation of Lakshmi.
c] Light a Sesame Oil Diya in front of Gods and Pure Ghee Diya in front of Goddesses. The Diya should only be lighted in house in earthen lamps.
d] Do not use the Broom during or after sunset.
e] Do not clean your feet be rubbing it on the broom.
f] Do not rub the Feet against each other for any reason.
g] Have shower in Brahma Muhurat and add a few drops or teaspoons of Gangajal in it and then bathe. Do not use Soap. You can bathe again after the Brahma Muhurat using Soap
h] Do not look at sexual objects of do not engage in lust or greed.
i] Give donations as much as you can and help every person you can without any expectations. Do work of people without charging money for it once in a while.
j] Do not have greed of money. Vedas say that the person who try to keep everything under his control and as per his wishes in the end achieves nothing while the person who is de-attached from everything in the end achieves everything.

All Useful Lal Kitab Totke
a] Do not eat Curd. If it becomes necessary to eat Curd, then add Saffron to it so that its color changes to yellow. Curd represents Durbhagya [misfortune] and eating it is equal to taking Durbhagya in your life.
b] Do not keep idols or photos or sculptures of Natraj, mountains, rivers, lakes, fountains or anything that is flowing in nature as it will cause money to come and leave.
c] For those who have Mangal Dasha going on, consume sweets. Consuming sweets will attract lots of money.
d] For those who have Dasha of Moon, do not boil Milk under any circumstances or you will face calamity and problems in life. Even if you are a Halvaayi you cannot burn or boil Milk or it will bring your family into a beggar like state.
e] Do not keep Charcoal or Coal at home. Whatever thing, which will be kept near the Charcoal will start getting unuseful within 4 days.
f] Do not give any kind of pointed items as gift to any person as it attracts negativity into that person’s life.


  1. pranam neel sir in the first totka of hanuman ji can I use red vermilion instead of kesar as it is costlier and if offering paan can I use pan patta as it is or complete paan which is used for eating

  2. pranam neel sir I want to ask about first totka can I use red vermilion sindoor to write as least is little bit costlier. and second questions about is that the simple paan leaves as it or a prepared paan like for eating plzz reply sir

    1. Use kesar or saffron only. paan has to be the one used for eating

  3. Dear Sir,
    What do you mean by Broom in the above article?


  4. dear sir when i saw your saraswati manifestation mantra i asked a question but you didnt reply i want to ask tha same question pratyaksh of any god is risky i have heard so plzdo reply sir as your answers will help us in doing the right sadhna with right processand if possible plz answer the comment posted in saraswati manifestation post

  5. 1) when the Banyan leaf get dried up after some time, can we replace it by repeating the remedy and dried up leaf immersed ?
    2) which day and time shall be more auspicious ?
    3) in our city every mandir has a murti of Hanuman ji. Can this experiment be performed before such a murti ?
    4) should the leaf be picked freshly from banyan tree or it can be a fallen one ?
    5) can the leaf be also placed in cash box of house ?

    Sir, please solicit.

    1. 1. Yes
      2.Look in the panchang
      3. Experiment has to be performed in a temple which has a pran prathishthit hanuman idol
      4. Pluck a leaf. Do not use fallen ones.
      5. yes but the box has to be of metal

  6. Sir will you post an atricle on TRATAK and getting success in it . From Basic Pratices of Tratak

  7. Ashok sir only curd or lassi also .....? Should not be consume

    1. There are no such restriction that I may have come across but its better to follow the rule for lassi also

  8. Dear Sir,
    As you mentioned 1,2,&3 totke and sub categories like a,b& my objective is can we do any one totke from a or b or c?

  9. after how many days we have to change banayan leaf?

    1. Whenever the leaf starts drying

  10. Sir attracting maa lakshmi means getting money only? Sir every time I read post on mata lakshmi I get into thinking. Can we use this totke or any mantra , yantra of mata lakshmi to attract happiness, free of diseases, peace, free of disputes as well as money?

    1. Lakshmi is of 8 types. Dhan lakshmi is on of them

  11. Simple useful mantra.thanks a lot Sir

  12. ashok sir and neel sir pranam. a very imp the hanuman totka no.e can I use sesame oil instead of seed as oil can be easily poured and most imp. what is shasra chakra mentioned plzz signify

  13. Pranams Ashok JI,
    Ref. to amogh Hanuman and Shani totka,
    1. The seshame seeds - yellow or black,
    2. Like if we r using a bucket and mixing seeds in it, the water has to put on Shasra chakra in 1 go or can use a tunbler and put its full on Shasra chakra each time,
    3. It should be praticed everyday or 1-2 in week/ month is sufficient,

    Looking fwd for ur detail reply in line Pls at earliest.

    Thanks n regards,

    1. The sesame seeds should be black and the remedy has to be performed everyday. You can use the mixed water the way you want

    2. Sir, thanks a lot for ur reply,

      A small query, any mantra need to be chanted during this process, if yes, pls mention,
      And also can we apply soap after or before this,

    3. You can apply soap afterwards. No need to chant any mantra

  14. What is sahasra chakra? How is that suppose to be done



  15. Sir - if one needs to adopt the following 2 options simultaneously, how to go about it ?
    1. Hanuman totke.... e
    2. Rules to ........ g
    as both these require different ingredients while being independent of each other. If one wants to try both simultaneously, what's the way out ?

    1. Perform only one total. Doing 2 will work negatively

    2. Do not perform 2 totkas as it will not give results. Perform only one totka


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