Tips to Effortlessly Open The Third Eye

The Ajna Chakra or The Third Eye, which is located in between the eye-brows has been time and again described in ancient Sanskrit Scriptures as the connecting gate-way between normal and higher levels of existence or consciousness. Most aspirants of Kundalini Awakening would definitely be aware of Third Eye of Shiva and the supernatural powers generated or triggered-off by it.

There are multiple methods of opening the third-eye. Over the past many years, I have been describing various ways and means of opening the third-eye, indulging by way of Secret Mantras, Tantric methods, Yoga and Meditation. In this post, I have given certain tips, which can be effective for seekers striving to activate their third-eye.

1] Third Eye activation meditation can be practiced at anytime of the day or night and not necessarily at a fixed time or place. It can also be practiced at night, in bed, while going to sleep, while watching the television or even while working.  If it is practiced as a fixed exercise, it is most likely that the whole effort could turn into a mechanical exercise, something like a tummy trimming exercise.

2] The opening of the third-eye does not necessarily depend on the number of days, months or years of practice, it can be opened during the first attempt or never be opened, in-spite years of single-minded meditation.

3] The aspirant can focus on the point in-between the eyebrows at anytime of the day of night. The focus should be an unforced mental effort, which does not put even the slightest strain or effort on the mind and body.

4] The aspirant who focuses on the third-eye in an effortless manner will immediately become aware of it and feel a tingling feeling in the area in-between the eye-brows.  The aspirant will also experience a slight pressure, force, numbness or muscular movement in that area, this is an indicator that the third-eye activation process has started.

5] The next step is to try to effortlessly hear the subtle vibrations, which are emitted by the third-eye. This again, should be done in an effortless manner without straining the mind or body in any way.

6] The most important thing is not to think about Kundalini Awakening and the probable experiences after the awakening with a prejudiced mind or with some per-conceived notion. For this the aspirant must approach the whole thing with an open mind and not through the shared experiences of a Guru, Yogi or someone who has awakened his Kundalini Shakti.  The human mind is capable of extreme deception and can replicate the same experiences, which have been shared by someone else and the aspirant can be deceived into thinking that he has managed to open his third-eye. In such a case the aspirant will enter into an unreal and hallucinatory state.

7] It is advisable not to think about the post-activation experiences and probable gains before hand because the experiences of each individual are unique and this again could lead to the mental deception described above.


  1. The third statement is misguiding and misleading. May be in anciant times the realised souls knew that this powerful awakening is not for everyone or may be whoever wrote such a forbbiden book was a not qualified enough to write about such powerful thing called kundalini. Kunndalini is our primordial mother she resides in everyhuman being and is sleeping in 3and half folds above the mooladhar chakra. Now there is no third eye or door to open on your forhead. Its a just a window you may say called agya chakra and kundalini has to rise above it and open the last chakra called sahastrara.sahastrara chakra is on our fontenelle bone.once that opened up you get your self realisation. You get aatam gyan.aspirant should never ever focus on forhead. Ask me more if you are seeker.

    1. Then what should one do to awaken the kundalini, or lets say if someone has problem with aura of any chakra due to any reason, what should one do to activate or normalise that very chakra?

    2. I would also like to know Sir. Please help.

  2. Kundali jagran and powers are two different things . Kundali jagran not always and everytime lead to supernatural power many times its just a door towards acknowledgement of reality without powers and that transformation of mind leads towrds sidhhis and powers . Powers are never gained by kindali jagran but by aatma jagran. Most of time people quit after lindali jagran or lose mental stability due to slight mistakes thats why hardly people gain the real power and who do jagran he never comes back to word as he then knowns that changes are not in his hands everything is set and should done by souls themselves . One who say they are jagrit and still leaving life between us then they are tantrik or tamsic jagrit who are having powers by some tantrik mantrs and gurus .

  3. hello neel sir,

    is it ok to open the 3rd eye without 1st activating the other 5 chakras. One of the other pages on this site said that if we do not activate other chakras 1st then we can go crazy. kindly clarify this.

    1. When one start thinking about Third Eye Activation, the Chakras are already stimulated, only thing is that the practitioner does not realize this.

    2. Neel sir, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much. Your answers are so clear, I am extremely thankful to have found this site. Very best regards

  4. Neel Sir, when i focus on my forehead, there is pressure and pain in my eyes. I read somewhere on this site that sometimes focusing on forehead can damage the eyes. Is that true and if yes how to avoid this damage.


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