Simple Remedies to Prevent Night Emission

In this post, I have written about 4 more simple and easy to practice home remedies to prevent night emission. There are no serious side-effects of having spontaneous nocturnal emission, however, when it becomes a chronic problem then, it is likely to cause psychological problems, which might affect the over-all health of the individual.

Some traditional Indian Tantrik and Astrological home remedies, which are believed to to beneficial in giving relief of persons suffering from chronic wet-dreams are given below.

1] Wearing the Turquoise [Feroza Stone, in the Hindi language] in a ring is as per traditional Indian Astrology considered be be effective in giving relief from nocturnal emission. The Feroza Stone should be worn in the ring finger[Anamika Ungli] on a Friday.

Wearing this ring, among other things is also considered beneficial for mental and physical health, calming the mind and the love-life of an individual.

2] Looking at a Shukra Yantra every day is also considered to be beneficial in making wet dreams subside.

This is so because Shukra Graha [the planet Venus] is considered to be the planet, which govern anything to do with love or sex.

3] Keeping a piece of paper with the name of your mother written on it, under the pillow, while going to bed at night is also considered to be useful in reducing nocturnal emission.

Some time back, I had written about a special Yantra using the same formula, which is said to be effective in stopping nocturnal emission. That Yantra can be seen here – Yantra to prevent wet dreams

4] Tying a portion of the root of the Black or Krishna Datura[thorn apple plant in English] to a thread and wearing that thread like a talisman around the waist is also considered to be beneficial for people suffering from chronic wet dreams.

Other remedies for the same problem of involuntary night emission can be seen her -
Simple home remedies for night emission 


  1. Namaskar sir, You have written in point 3 that we have to write name of our mother in paper to reduce nocturnal emission but my mother has two names. One is her real name in her parental home and the other name is given to her by my father.So i am confuse to write what name of my mother on paper.real or present name. Plz. Help sir

    1. जिस नाम से माताजी जानी जाती हों,जिस नाम का प्रचलन हो और शासकीय अभिलेखों मे जो नाम चल रहा हो,वही लिखना चाहिये.यदि दोनो नाम समान प्रचलन मे हों,और दुविधा हो रही हो,तो उर्फ के साथ दोनो नाम लिखे जा सकते हैं.


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