Beej Mantra for Luxuries and Wealth and Clearing Debts

Today, I am giving a Beej Mantra Sadhana for attaining wealth and luxuries. Money problems can be solved by practicing this Beej Mantra Sadhana and all your debts or problems related to money and finance will start improving and your trade or business will start growing. - Post By Guru

As explained in my earlier articles, Beej Mantras are very powerful and they are easy to chant and any person, including lay-persons, can chant Beej Mantras easily and can get all the most powerful benefits that can be derived by chanting these Mantras.

The Vidhi or method of practicing the chanting of Beej Mantras for getting money, wealth and resolving money problems is similar and you can follow the procedure given below if you wish to practice this Beej Mantra Sadhana.

Root, Mool or Beej Mantra for Luxuries and Wealth and Clearing Debts

1] Start the Beej Mantra Sadhana from any Shukla Paksha Wednesday or Friday.

2] Sit facing the Purva Disha or east direction.

3] Light 2 Agarbattis and a Diya of Pure Ghee.

4] Then, practice Pranayam 11 times means just inhale and exhale your breath.

5] Start chanting the Beej Mantra given below.

6] Total chants for attaining Siddhi over the Beej Mantra is 100 thousand or 1 lakh chants.

7] After getting Siddhi over the Beej Mantra, recite it 1008 times daily for improved growth, attracting money, luxuries, wealth, removal of monetary difficulties and becoming free from debts and getting all the benefits of the Beej Mantra.

Hreeng Shang Hreeng ||
ह्रींग शंग ह्रींग ||

Note-- Its Shang and not Shreem

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  1. So we're supposed to be testing your so called beej mantras that appears out of nowhere , no diety nothing but we just meditate on that ? What do we look like ?

    1. Who told u to follow.... Does yoga require diety then how do yogis gain siddhi

    2. No need to testing it.
      With this Bheej Sounds ...the energy around you will manifest for your success.
      No need diety becuase dieties were also consecrated by yogis.
      If you can gain siddhi of "Anahatha Chakra" you can also create your own diety (energy form) . either it is Devi/Deva
      "Lord Ganesha" also a energy form created by Parvathi Devi.

      The whole create is within us...we need to activate.
      To access ..we need the KEY
      The KEY is Dhyana or Mantra or Yantra or Tantra.

  2. Namaste Mata Ji,

    Thank you for sharing such valuable and rare resourceful mantra.

  3. Data link bro hw nich you are..........sham on you bro for blaming others good work

  4. Reply to Data Link , Do you ask for ingredients of the medicine before taking it ,
    you just take it and it does it's job, same way you don't need to know the deity
    or the origin, if you chant the mantr for right purpose it will do it's job

    Moreover, no is forcing you to do it or 'test' it like you said,

  5. 100 thousand chants in one sitting or can be done in parts in daily sitting? Plz guide

  6. In age of kaliyuga and when man has become so machanical...I believe no one can do in one sitting..Better divide the number of chants and try to complete in 16 or 21 days...

  7. Gracias mi gratitud infinita por compartir e practicado varios mantras y realmente funcionan


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