Laxmi Mantra for Unexpected Money

In this post, I have described a rare and unique Indian Paranormal Mantra Remedy to get a sudden windfall or unexpected gain of money, property or even a hidden treasure. This Akasmat Dhan Prapti Upay-Totka as this remedy for gaining unexpected money is known in Hindi makes the use of the Nagdaman Plant and the Shreem/Shrim Beej Mantra of the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Laxmi.

The Sansevieria roxburghiana plant is known by a variety of names. Including snake plant and devil’s or mother-in-law’s tongue. This plant known in the Hindi language as Nagdaman is a common household decorative plant. As per the Vanaspati Tantra the Nagdaman Plant possesses certain specific healing, paranormal and magical properties.

The Laxmi Mantra Experiment for getting unexpected money or wealth can be performed on any auspicious Hindi Tithi, Auspicious Astrological Yoga, Shubh Muhurat or Festival.  The Mantra Prayoga should be performed in the night after completing all the necessary chores, having a bath and wearing clean clothes.

The practitioner should take a piece of the root of the Nagdaman Plant and immerse it in honey for 5-10 minutes and then remove it from the honey and apply Ashtagandha and Gorochana all over the Nagdaman Plant root.

Then the Nagdaman Plant Root should be placed in a Silver Plate or Silver Puja Thali and offered Dhoop and Deep.

After this the practitioner should chant the Shreem-श्रीं Beej Mantra of Laxmi Mata 10,000 times using a Spathik Mala for counting the number of Mantra Chants.  The prescribed number of Mantra Chants should be completed on that night itself.

After this, the Mantra infused and energized Nagdaman Root should be worshipped daily by offering it Dhoop-Deep. There is no need for any kind of Mantra Chanting after the initial Mantra Sadhana.

Note- Information based upon what is contained in the Hindu texts. This site does not guarantee the success or failure of this Paranormal Indian Mantra Remedy.


  1. Dear sir

    I have heard that gorochan is a part of cows it correct??
    If yes then why it is used in pooja??
    Gorochan use karne se paap lagta hai??


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