Mantra for Regaining Lost Strength and Energy

In today’s times of fierce no hold bar competition and one-upmanship in employment or business most people unused to this kind of lifestyle end up being completely drained of energy, strength and vitality. Such people more often than not lose either their appetite or their interest in food, which is essential in nourishing the body. For the people who are feeling drained, lethargic and depressed, I have described a very easy to practice Mantra Remedy for regaining the lost strength and energy.

The Mantra Remedy should be practiced early in the morning after getting up from bed. It is not essential to have a bath or brush the teeth before performing the Mantra Remedy, which is left entirely to the wishes of the practitioner.

The Mantra Remedy – The practitioner should take clean drinking water in a glass [ any kind of clean glass, including a metal glass can be used] and then hold the glass in his or her hand and chant the Mantra given below in this post 108 times using any kind of Counting Rosary. The practitioner should keep looking at the water in the glass while chanting the Mantra.

Om Agni Chakraaya Namah ||
ॐ अग्नि चक्राय नमः ||

Then after the completion of the Mantra chants the practitioner should drink the energized and Mantra Infused water After consuming the water, the practitioner should keep the glass in an inverted position in the place where it is normally kept in the house.

Practicing this remedy regularly will definitely enable the practitioner to heal himself by regaining his appetite and get his body back in shape and regain the lost strength and energy. The Mantra Remedy will also be helpful in recovering  from the loss of interest in physical relation with the spouse or lover.

Note – this Mantra Remedy does not involve any other form of worship and can be practiced by women during their Monthly Cycles.


  1. Thank you For Wonderful Post Sir,

    Sir,Is There Any Sadhana To Increase The Height Of The Person?,If Any Such Sadhana Is There Please Share :)

  2. Sir can u plz post some simple sadhna for laziness n incease in sprit....

  3. Namste Neel sir,
    I have some questions:

    - can we hold the glass on the left hand and do the mala count with the right hand? Or viceversa?
    - For how long this should be done in order to see its effects?
    - once getting the benefit we cn quit or have to continue doing it?

    Thank you very much

    1. Yes, the glass is to be held in the left hand and the Mala in the right hand.
      The effects of the Mantra depend upon the commitment and sincerity of the chanter and it can be stopped after the desired results are gained.

  4. it mandatory to chant with Mala?

  5. Namestey sir, can we do this procedure for the curing of night-fall problem.plz. reply


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