Hanuman Mantras for Sade Sati ill Effects

This is a Hanuman Mantra Prayog which is the ultimate in getting rid of the malefic ill-effects of the dreaded astrological period of Shani Sadi Sati. The Mantra Prayog involves chanting the most powerful Hanuman Mantra which I had shared 2 months back and the Hanuman Chalisa.

The procedure is very simple and very very effective in getting  rid of any kind of harmful and dangerous Graha dosh or Graha Peeda especially during  Sade Sati. - Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
Start the Hanuman Mantra Experiment from a Pushya Nakshatra which falls on a Thursday. In the period of the Brahma Muhurat, chant this Hanuman Mantra for 21 rounds and in the evening chant the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times with pure calmness and in a place where there is silence.

Do this daily for six months. After that, every day in the evening between 5 pm and 7 pm, chant the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times and then chant 3 rounds of the most powerful Hanuman Mantra. Do this till the end of the  Sade Sati or Rahu/Ketu Dosh.

This is all that has to be done. I have personally been through Shani Dosh. I therefore myself made this Mantra Prayog to get rid of the ill- effects of Shani during Sade Sati. The Mantra Prayog is unfailing and within 3 days you'll start seeing positive changes for the better in your life.

Those people who have done lots of Pujas and Yagnas and have still not got the required results and have lost all hopes  should definitely do this Hanuman Mantra Prayog. It may happen that during the initial days of the Prayog, your problems may increase and you may feel that the opposite is happening. But this is just Karmic burnoff and your past Karma fighting back, so one need not worry.

If someone is suffering from Sade Sati or any kind of Shani Dosh, chant the first Hanuman Mantra and if there is Rahu or Ketu or some other astrological planetary Dosh then chant the second Hanuman Mantra.

Hanuman Mantra Chants for becoming free from Sade Sati Ill Effects
Hanuman Mantras for Sade Sati Ill Effects


  1. I would appreciate, if you could you pls give me the aforementioned mantras in English.

  2. Transliteration to mantras please.

  3. Dear ashok sir,
    can i chant first mantra for 108 times commencing on tuesday as i have time constraints and definitely feel the negative impacts of sade sati.
    Thank you and god blesss you.

  4. Do you have Hanuman Mantra for great Physical Strength Sir?

  5. Hello Sir, Am reading this post bit late and I believe that I have missed the date June 9 where Pushya nakshatra falling on Thursday and could notice that such next combination is not occurring on any Thursday till end of 2016 to perform this remedy. Could you please suggest alternatives or suggest better date for me to perform mantra?

    1. Guru pushya nakshatra is the first thursday of a shukla paksha

    2. Thanks for the clarifications. So can I start this remedy on 7th July 2016 which is the first Thursday of shukla paksha in the month of July 2016? Please confirm.

  6. Hello Guruji
    Ladies can do this sadhana. I am 35 year old woman. currently under sade sati period facing lots of problems. Apart from sade sati Rahu and ketu are placed malefic positions in my kundalini..I am looking for best sadhana for all my problems. If I can't read hanumaan mantras please suggest other mantra for sade sati and rahu/ kethu which i can do it.

    1. Recite Hanuman dwadash naam stotra 108 times daily

  7. Sir as in previous reply fr ledies ,recite hanuman dwadash naam strotra 108 ,which u given earlier i wanna knw do we need phalsruti everytimeor only once in starting n once in an end.

  8. 21 rounds means 21 malas or 21 times chants guruji ?


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