Magical Yantra having Several Different Uses

This is a special Yantra, which can be used in different ways for several purposes. In the Hindi language, this Yantra is known as the Vividh Karya Ke Istemal Ka Shaktishali Yantra. This Yantra, which comprises of the numbers 2, 4. 6 and 8 vibrates to the numerological frequency of the number 20.  In the post, below, I have explained the method of preparing and using this Yantra for three very important applications.

For success in any task, job or venture- While going for any important task, including professional or personal, including Love or Marriage proposals, the Yantra should be prepared on a Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha Paste and written with a pointed wooden stick. Then the Yantra should be offered Dhoop and Diya, inserted in either a cloth Taweez or Metal Locket, and worn around the Right Upper Arm.  This is said to ensure success in that purpose. The practitioner should remove the Yantra after the fulfillment of the task and keep it in his Puja Place. He can use the same Yantra repeatedly while going for any important work.

Hindu Magical Yantra having Several Different Uses
Yantra having Several Different Uses
For Preventing Evil Energies, Ghostly Entities, Evil-Eye and other harmful, regressive and dangerous  unseen paranormal entities from entering the house, shop, office or business place- The Yantra should be written on any wall of the house or business place, which faces the main door or entrance. It should be written with a paste prepared by mixing Ashtagandha with Pure Cow Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow] and written with a pointed wooden stick. This is said to prevent the harmful energies from entering the place any causing harm to the practitioner or his family members.

For getting good yield from a Farm, Nursery , Orchard, Garden or for any other agricultural purpose- The Yantra should be prepared and worshipped as described in the first method and then buried in the Farm or Garden. This is said to remove paranormal defects from the land or soil and ensure a good yield of plants, fruits, flowers or food grains.

Note- The Yantra should be prepared as shown in the image included in this post on any auspicious Hindu Tithe, Shubh Muhurat or any Hindu Festival or a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

The practitioner can if he wishes prepare and use the Yantra for any or all the three purposes mentioned above.


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  2. namaste,

    Can this yantra be used for fullfiling a desire, like
    - success at work or success at getting s better condition job?
    - getting the love back or success in the vashikaran sadhna?

  3. Dear Neel ji
    I am not able to find bhojpara can I make this yantra on white paper. Sir Please reply.

    1. There are several websites selling bhojpatra.

      I hope my other comment gets posted and answered.
      Adding one more question,

      Is it ok if the yantra shown in the image its not 100% same? I mean, making straight lines withiout a scale its not easy..

    2. The image of the Yantra shown is to be used as an guideline, it need not be of exact proportions.


    Please publish a post on "Syamantaka gem",if you find it worth sharing.I hope you do.

  5. Sir I m entangled in a legal battle with my husband, our mother- daughter relation at home has also gone critically astray, if this tantra can help l tell how I GI aheah with it, thanks a ton, namaskar / Db

    1. If the Yantra suits your requirements, then you can prepare and use it as described in the above post.

  6. Original Ashtagandha is not available, the one selling at pan sari shop is duplicate and bhojpatra is easily available. Any substitute for Ashtagandha? Plz

    1. Surely there will be some places where you get original Ashtagandha, there is no substitute.

    2. You can try buying Ashtagndha from verified online site.


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