Dhumavati Mantra to Remove Enemies Forever

The Goddess Dhoomvati is the 7th of the 10 Goddesses of the Mahavidya or the 10 great knowledge streams of the Ever-Existent Eternal. The Dash Mahavidyas are nothing but the representation of the 10 basic facets of the Divine Mother, each representing a broad stream of Divine Knowledge, which make up the sum total of the whole manifested cosmic energy. The Goddess Dhoomvatii is part of the fearsome faces or attributes of the Divine Mother.

Dhoomvati as per most Tantric Scriptures is representative of death and hence clothed in white, which is symbolic of a Hindu Widow. She is the only facet of the Divine Mother who is without a companion and some Tantric Texts describe her as having devoured none other than Shiva himself. This in my opinion is symbolic of Paralaya or the State of Non-Existence, which follows the State of Existence, in this State none apart from the Whole Undivided Cosmic Energy Exists.

The Worship of Dhoomvati is practiced by many Aghori Tanriks for a wide range of Aghori Tantric practices, including the resolution of Black magic and punishment of enemies. Dhoomvati Mantra Sadhanas should only be performed by advanced Sadhaks and Yogis as the results could be not only rapid and astonishing but extremely dangerous and life threatening.

Given below is a Dhoomvati Mantra Sadhana shared by Ashok Mehta to destroy enemies forever so that they are completed eradicated from the life of the practitioner.

By Ashok Mehta
Siddhi over this Goddess Dhoomvati Mantra is achieved by chanting  it 21000 times daily for a period of 21 days.

Hindu Dhumavati Mantra Chant to Remove Enemies Forever
Dhumavati Mantra to Remove Enemies Forever

The Dhoomvati Mata Mantra Sadhana has to be started from a Purnima night and one must light a Pure Ghee lamp while doing the Mantra Japa. After getting Siddhi over the Dhoomvati Mantra, the Sadhak has to  perform Dashansh Havan. This is all that is needed.

Warning- This is an extremely powerful Aghori Mantra of Dhoomvati. Do not do this Mantra Japa without someone's guidance. This Mantra Sadhana is so powerful that if you make a mistake, Dhoomvati will either ruin your life forever or wipe you out from the face of the earth.


  1. Neel sir, The warning you have given, This means if i have read the mantra while reading the post, this will also affect me in negative way?

  2. sir need your assistance urgently regarding a munja . please sir mail me your personal mail or no. ubsbank4@gmail.com

  3. Sir...namaste...please recommend me some totka for getting rid of enemies...which is easy to do and effective results...Thankyou..

  4. देवी धूमावती की मन्त्र साधना दरिद्रता नाश ,तंत्र मन्त्र जादू टोना -बुरी नजर -भूत प्रेत आदि से मुक्ति,रोगमुक्ति ,
    के लिए अचूक है .कहते हैं धूमावती की साधना घर में नहीं करनी चाहिए ,घर के बाहर ,किसी खाली मकान में .या उजाड़ स्थान में साधना करनी चाहिए .

    1. Maa Dhoomavati ka saral asan Mantra tatha vidhan batayen.

  5. Pls provide some more dhumavathi tantra prayog

  6. Guruji,
    What should be taken precautions while chanting this Mantra of Goddess Dhoomavati to avoid any mistake ?
    Please provide fail safe procedure to practice the Mantra so as full fill purpose of this post for benefit of the followers.
    What mantras are to be chanted before and after chanting of this Mantra?
    Which direction to be faced while chanting this Mantra ?
    In case of any untowards feeling or incident happens during course of chanting , what remedy should be carried out for safety.

    1. The author Ashok Mehta has not provided any other details or requirements for this Mantra Prayog.

    2. Shri Ashok Mehta ji may please respond

  7. Please guide to chanting of this Mantra safely i.e precautions to be taken, Mantra to chanted before before and after the above Mantra, direction to faced while chanting etc.

  8. Are you serious? The mantra doesn't have dhumavati name and you are misleading and warning people.


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