Money Attraction Charm using Hijra

In this post, I have written about a very simple and easy to practice Indian paranormal remedy to attract money and wealth, which is practiced making the indirect use of a Hijra or a person belonging to the transgender sex. The Hijra or Kinnar as the members of the third sex , eunuchs or transgenders are called in the Hindi language are a coming sight in the religious ceremonies of certain sections of Hindu society and are most commonly seen singing and dancing in marriage processions and birth ceremonies.

There are many Indian Tantriks who secretly make use of Hijras in some Aghori Tantrik Experiments as there is a belief in some quarters of the Tantrik community that Hijras can attract the most powerful paranormal energies and vibrations.

Even thought, I do not believe that Hijras possess any kind of special paranormal powers and doubt the effectiveness of their use in Tantrik rituals, I am still describing this Indian paranormal remedy because it could be of interest to some people.  In recent times, dressing and behaving like Hijras has become very popular in India with many Indian Television Comedians dressing like Girls [they resemble Hijras and nor women] on TV Comedy Shows.

The Remedy- If on any Wednesday a Hijra approaches you for money, do not turn him away, give him some money 10 or 20 rupees is sufficient, if you can afford it, then increase the amount.  After giving the Hijra money, request him to give you a coin, any coin of 1, 2 or 5 rupees is sufficient.

Then after taking the coin from the Hijra, take the coin home and offer it some Dhoop/Deep and keep it in your cash box, money safe or the place where you normally store your money and valuables. It is believed that the coin given by the Hijra acts like a money attract charm.

Note- This is a one-time money attraction paranormal remedy, do not keep practicing it every Wednesday.


  1. Sir, hijras normally arrive on their own on the auspicious occasion of birth of a boy in family or marriage of a son in the family.

    CAN we ourselves approach any hijra on Wednesday ?

    1. It would be better if an Hijra approached you on his own on any Wednesday for alms.
      If by any chance this occurrence takes place, then you can practice this remedy.

  2. What if a hijra approaches on a Thursday n gives us a coin? Is it fruitful?

    1. This is a very specific paranormal remedy and only what is written in the post is applicable.

  3. Respected Sir,
    I offered Dhoop, Deep & agarbatti. I don't have cash box locker or tijori at home, i mean i don't have money. I live very frugal life and hence for time being i kept coin in my money purse where i keep some cash not more than Rs 200 average, ATM card & credit/debit card. Now please tell me where and how to keep this coin.
    Warm Regards

    1. Keep the coin in your purse.

    2. Sir a kinner gives me five rupees coin on wednesday but i request her to give me a coin its it good sir ??

  4. Sir apart from Money charm does that coin give good luck or start lucky Life.

  5. Hello Sir.
    It was Tuesday when a kinnar asked me for money, I gave some money to her and since I heard of this remedy earlier but was not sure of what day this remedy to be done! After giving the money I asked her politely if she has 1re Coin with her, she smiled, took a 1re coin, kissed it and prayed for a second and gave that to me. She put her hand on my head gave her wishes, said "shukriya" and left.
    Later I searched here about the day and I realized that it should have been a Wednesday and not any other day..

    So, should I keep this coin with me, knowing that the day wasn't a Wednesday ? If Not, what should I do with this coin? I hope it would not be harmful in anyway. Please suggest.

    Warm Regards,

  6. In which colour cloth we should keep the coin given by them.. As i was asked to keep in red by herself but most of the people are telling me to keep the coin in green cloth.. What should I do?

  7. During a journey, I offered 20 rs to a kinnar and she paid me 10 rs note saying 10 is enough. The day was saturday. She also told me that she would come again next saturday. Can you please explain any good or bad luck?

  8. In last 4 months hijras gave total 8 coins of Re.1 but I have never check it weather it was Wednesday or not. Then at Navratri I went to take darshan of Mataji & there I came to know that the coin which they gave me are for my bad luck & all works & routine work normally came paused in all way. And then I released whenever they give me coin they give us blessing on head & each & every time they touch me they try me to go their side. But with the blessing of Mataji the negative ness in my body has been paused but any how I need to remove all negative what they store on me need to be clean very properly. If not done then it will be not good for me. All the coins which they gave me that I have use for some good work. I need to remove all negative things which are in my body.


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