Indian Paranormal Experiment using Dog

In Hindu Tantra Shastra, there is a specific Tantra, called the Shvan Tantra, which describes certain paranormal experiments, which are practiced using the body parts of a dog. This Tantra is among those Tantras, which are still practiced in secrecy by some sects of Aghori Tantriks in remote and secluded places like graveyards and mountainous regions. In this post, I have described a few selected paranormal experiments, which make the use of the body parts of a dog.

This Tantra cannot succeed without the blessings of Bhairava, the Mahabhayankar [the most fierce some] form of Lord Shiva. Hence, it is specific to those Sadhaks who are dedicated worshippers of Bhairava and have experienced success in Bhairav Mantra Experiments. Others should strictly refrain from attempting these paranormal experiments.

Paranormal Experiments practiced using the body parts of a dog
Keeping the right eye of a male black colored dog on the body is said to protect the practitioner from attacks by mad and rabid dogs.

 Another paranormal remedy to be safe and secure from attacks by mad and rabid dogs is to obtain a tooth of a mad dog on any Sunday or Tuesday. Then this tooth should be offered the Dhoop [Incense] of Loban [Styrax benzoin] and Guggul [Indian Bdellium in English] and then kept on the body in order to be secure from attacks by mad and dangerous dogs.

If a tooth of a dog is hung around the neck of a child like a talisman, it is said that the child will be free from problems relating to teething, including painful conditions.

A strange but true paranormal remedy practiced in India to cure a person of fever is to prepare a small ball by mixing the urine of a dog and mud. This dog urine-mud ball is wrapped in a piece of cloth and tied with a thread round the neck of the person suffering from fever, like a talisman in order to remove the fever and cure the patient.

Note- The dog is since ages believed to be the true friend and companion of man. Hence, the purpose of writing this article is not to harm the dog, but to give interesting information about strange and unknown Indian paranormal practices.


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