Fast Working Ganpati Mantra for Money

This is a fast working Ganapati Mantra for attracting and getting all kinds of wealth, money, luxuries and wished for items for making life happy and contented. The Ganpati Mantra Sadhana if performed as described below with full faith and belief in Ganesha, provides every type of wealth, food, land, fame, respect, honor, vehicles, etc in a very short period. Post By Ashok Mehta

The Ganpati Mantra Sadhana procedure is as described below
Start the Ganpati Mantra Sadhana for getting wealth on any Tuesday.
Keep a photo of Lakshmi- Ganesha in front of you while performing the Mantra Sadhana.
Light a Ghee Lamp and incense stick while performing the Sadhana.
Pray to Ganapati and Lakshmi Devi to provide you with all kinds of wealth, luxuries and material happiness.
Use a Rudraksh or Red Coral [Lal Moonga] Rosary for keeping track of the required number of Mantra Chants.
Chant the Ganpati Mantra 5 lakh [500.000] times within a fixed period of 21, 31, 41 or 48 days.
During the continuance of the Mantra Sadhana days, the practitioner has to eat only once in a day. He should only eat homemade food.  He cannot eat any fruits or fast items or juices during the day.

Fast Working Ganpati Mantra Chant for making Money
Fast Working Ganpati Mantra for Money


  1. Mr.Ashok And Mr.Neel Thank You For Such A Wonder full Post,

    I Have Some Doubts,

    1-Can I Start This Sadhana On Any Tuesday Without Consideration of Tidhi And All? Is There Any Specific Time To Do The Sadhana?

    2-I Have To Use Cow Or Buffalo Ghee?

    3-If I Do 16,000 Chants Daily Then I Can Complete 500,000 Chants In 31 days,Can I Do 8,000 Chants In The Morning And 8,000 In The evening,Or I Have To Complete 16,000 Chants In A Single Stretch?,Can I take 10-15 Min Of Break Between Chants For Going To Toilet Or Drinking Water And Other Essential Chores?

    4-Can I Start The Sadhana By Following The Rituals You Have Said In This Post Or I Have To Do The Rituals You Have Said In The Post Importance Of Guru In Mantra Sadhana To Get success?

    5-I Have To Eat Once A Day!,I Have To Fast All The Day Time By Drinking Only Water And At Night I Can Break My Fast By Having Food Which Is Home Made Like Rotis Or Curd Rice And All Na Sir?

    1. 1. You have to start in auspicious time
      2. Any ghee
      3. Don't divide chants in 2 parts. Do chants in 3 parts
      4. You can follow that post and start this sadhana.
      5. Yes

    2. Naman to you Ashok Sir..
      Sir i please please plead to you fot getting in touch witb you personally...
      I live in mumbai..
      I cant express the need for it..
      Please i plead .. anyhow i cansoraj to personally.. any mode of communication please...
      My email id is
      Sir please i really am ardently awaiting for your help.. please

  2. Dear sir I m Ashwini,
    Please help me,I m house wife nd have child of 3years since I have to look after house nd child's responsibility so I get very little time that is early in the morning and at night to chant this mantras so can I extend the days from 48 to 61 days,please reply soon sir as I have started this chanting

  3. Dear sir who will clear my droughts can I extend number of days till 61 days and what is minimum and maximum number of chanting

  4. Respected Sir Namaskaar,
    Sir can females also proceed this sadhna by (only avoiding monthly cycles)...extended the time...thanks for your precious guidance!

    1. Yes, women can perform this Mantra Sadhana, except during the monthly cycles.

  5. Namaskar

    Sir, it is my query, GREEM seed mantra belongs to which God.

  6. sir i am under debt and I am hanuman and khatu shyam bhakt but now I am in trouble i want to remove my debt pls tell me any mantra to remove my debt


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