Mantra Sadhana to Activate Shiva Tattva

There are numerous explanations and definitions available for the state of existence known as the Shiva or Shiv Tattva, which is considered to be the highest state of consciousness and existence. Shiva Tattva is that state of consciousness, which is most sought after by true Yogis, Spiritualists, Seekers of the Unknown, Practitioners of Non-Duality and Kundalini Awakening all over the world.

Shiva Tattva is that which encompasses everything in the Universe and at the same time is present in each and everything in the Universe, including living beings and material and non-material objects. Shiv Tattva is at the same time the Universe and the Ground [Space] on which the Universe rests. Each and everything in the Universe lives inside the Shiv Tattva and at the same time the Shiv Tattva lives inside each and everything in the Universe.

In the course of the past many years, this site has strived to present rare Hindu Knowledge and Wisdom to the Seekers of Shiv Tattva to help them discover this highest state of consciousness. In this post, Ashok Mehta has described a simple Shiva Mantra Sadhana to discover and achieve the elusive state of Shiva Tattva.

By Ashok Mehta
This Siva Tattva Mantra Sadhana is practised for attaining Siddhi over the Mool mantra of Shiva. Getting Siddhi over the Mool Mantra awakens and activates the Shiv Tattva in a person.

Shiv Tattva gives the practitioner Moksha [Salvation and Liberation from the unending Cycle of Life and Death]. Shiv Tattva also helps the Sadhak in getting rid of even the biggest of diseases and attain a state of happiness and bliss.

The Siddhi over the Mool Mantra of Shiva is achieved by chanting the mantra 24 lakh times within 1 year. The basic rules of Shiva worship have to be followed by the Sadhak.

Mantra: || Om Namaha Shivaaya ||


  1. 24 lakh means ? please tell me Nell Or Ashok Mehta Sir ji 100.000 × 24 : 2 400 000 ?
    PLEASE tell me the number

    1. Thank you Ashok Sir
      What happens when we activate the Shiva tattva ? What will change in us, please tell me? It is obliged to do in one year ?or more time is possible ? And please, explain me the Shiva tattva?



    2. that means 6576 times a Day.. are you sure ? 60 Mala of 108 beeds everyday!!!

    3. ashok ji

      there are many pronunciation :

      om nama shivaay, om nama shivaayee, om nama, om nama shivaaya


      you said om namaha shivaaya
      so like this video pronunciation in following youtube video

      in this video om namaha shivaaya and not nama shivaaya.

    4. not 60 malas. no.
      61 malas.
      108*61 = 6588
      6588*365 = 2404620

      61 malas per day.

    5. sorry for error

      in this video : om namaha shivay

      but the prununciation by ashok ji is om namaha shivaya

  2. Ashok ji....i think it is not 'NAMAHA SHIVAYA' IS it not 'NAMAH SHIVAYA / नमःशिवाय '?

    1. नमः is always pronounced as namaha not namah

  3. Sir what are the basic rules of Shiv tatv sadhna ?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. can we use counting machine for it ? instead of Mala?

  6. It is said to be 60000 per day mean 40 days according to 360 day could complete the mantra in one year mean 10 hour per day you can give 10 hours any day but 40 days according to start of the sadna means starting year to next before you started date


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