Rare Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiment

In this post Ashok Mehta has written about a Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiment, which is different from most other Mantra Experiments, which are practiced to invoke and make the Karna Pishachini manifest and tell the Sadhak about the events which have happened in the past, events occurring in the present and events, which are going to occur in the future. This site has been providing its readers with many rare and unheard of  Karna Pishachini Mantra Prayogas over the past many years, which can be seen in the section of Future Mantras.

By Ashok Mehta
|| ॐ राम रामाय नमः।।
।। ॐ महावीराय नमः।।
।। ॐ नृं नृं नृं नृसिंहाय नमः ||
।।  ॐ रुद्राय नमः ||
This is a very uncommon Karna Pishachini Mantra to get to know past, present and future. The Mantra has to be chanted 1 lakh times to get Siddhi over the Mantra.  After than this Mantra, which is shown in image below has to be written on a piece of wood of a mango tree 108 times in order to make the  Karna Pishachini manifest before the Sadhak.

Rare and unheard of Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiment
Rare Karna Pishachini 

Guidelines -
1) No one should know that you are doing this Karna Pishachini Mantra Sadhana and no one should know that you have succeeded to in making her manifest.  Even talking about the Karna Pishachini  is prohibited for the Sadhak.

2) Those who chant this Mantra should only do it under the guidance and Deeksha of a Guru.

3) This mantra is Aghori in nature and is a Pisach Sadhana. Those who chant this Mantra may get all the success at first but their latter days are horrible and they die a very painful death. Not only this,  those who do the Pisach Sadhanas and die, go to the  Pisach Lok which is the second worst lok after the Narak Lok.

4) The person who does this Mantra Sadhana should protect himself from any dangers. I am providing a few ways here to protect oneself.

5) The person should chant 11 rounds of the Gayatri Mantra every day and under no circumstances or difficulties should the Sadhak stop chanting the Gayatri Mantra. If the Sadhak is attacked by the Pisachini due to any reason then he should start reciting the Narasimha Kavach or Aditya Hridaya Stotra continuously and go to his Guru immediately. If the Guru is not available then he must enter a  Hanuman temple,  Shiv temple, Bhairav temple or Kali temple and chant the Bajrang Baan,  Aditya Hriday Stotra or Narasimha Kavach till morning or till the Karna Pishachini is destroyed.

6) One can also chant this Narasimha Mantra, which us shown in the image below to invoke him and destroy the Karna Pishachini.  This Mantra has to be chanted only in a Shivalay. Use a Tulsi Mala and chant this mantra till morning. Chanting this Mantra makes Narasimha himself come to save you. This Mantra is the extremely fearsome hence care should be taken while chanting this Mantra.

Most Powerful Narasimha Atma Raksha Mantra
 Narasimha Atma Raksha Mantra

Chanting the Bajrang Baan 100 times.  Chanting Bajrang Baan only 100 times gives the same effect as chanting Hanuman Chalisa 1000 times. But Bajrang Baan is fearsome in nature therefore it is only chanted during life threatening situations.

After chanting, the Mantra the Sadhak should pray to Hanuman or Narasimha to get him out of the dire situation. They will manifest in Pratyaksh or Apratyaksh form and surely remove the Karna Pishachini.

7) In Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiments, the Sadhak either gets successful or he dies.  So don't do this Sadhana without proper guidance.

Note that, I am sharing this Sadhana just for the purpose of sharing knowledge and doing this Sadhana is not promoted by me.


  1. kindly post mantra to make Ganeshji manifests ..He is my Ishta deva according to my kundli ,and i did a lot of sadhana of him but i didnot get any result ..i left disappointed..is there any rare mantra experiment like saraswati mantra to make him manifest ..

  2. Sir
    Plz explain the rules nd regulations to be followed in puja of lord hanuman regarding reading hanuman chalisa, bajrang baan etc for males nd females as well.and the best time for it

  3. Dear Gurujee, Please post on Panchaguli devi sadhana.

  4. publish the mantra also in English version

    1. No! this mantra sadhana is for only aghoris.because you have to drink urine and eat stools. And Only aghoris can do that. It's easy for them to eat feces and drink urine. Karna pishachini is dangerous and she can kill you. you risk your life

  5. Something intereting about knowing past, present and future.

    I have some generic questions regarding Fate for you sir, if you can replay, it will help me a lot in understanding what is going on. (Neel sir and Ashok sir)

    Can i send you an email with the enquiry or the contact form? It will be a discussion about the fate. Later, if i find out something interesting i will place my thoughts in this post.

    Thank you in advance, i will wait for your prompt answer

  6. please do not make people to chant the mantra without knowing the side effects. we at www.sathyaprema.com feel that the problem of practising the mantra should be high lighted in the start of the article

  7. Dear Neel sir, i guess you are very busy, so just a quick question:

    - can one change his own fate? If something in not meant to be in ones life, os possible to achieve that by performing sadhna or pooja?

  8. Excuse me sire should we protect our selves for this mantra only or all ahgori mantras if we should do another Sir ?

  9. Which mala is used for Karna pishachini sadhana

  10. please help me I am affected by fearsome criminals witchcrafts and they want to kill me and my family members.
    I am listing criminals scolding and attacks on my body in air automaticaly.

    1. You could pray lord lakshami narsimha you bring a idol and establish it at home and recite mantra of narsimha or you can simply go to pandit or an astrologer for help online you can also chant Hanuman chalisa, bajarang baan in such dire sitautions 100 or more than 100 chants is fruitful for the person

  11. please help me because I am affected by severe witchcraft by neighbourhood criminals who are trying to kill me and my family members and any special puja to get rid from powerful spells of witchcraft and black magics/energies.

    1. Pray to Jesus. You don't need to burden yourself with long rituals, but simply call upon his name. He can deliver you from all the powers of darkness. He is the light of the world and saviour of the mankind.

    2. Jesus learned and awakened his powers from Hindu's .. if praying Jesus would solve the problem then there would be no nun rape or sexual abuse in churches ... he was a just another form of human .. he cant save any one .. he tried and lost the battle and came back to kashmir and got settled .. please with out proper knowledge please dont reply

  12. I wear sudharsana yantra.I feel ok.


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