Karna Pishachini Aghori Mantra

The Mantra described is another one of the Karna Pishachini Mantra to have the past, present and future whispered in the ears by the Karna Pishachini Yakshini. This Mantra is the most Aghori or fearsome of the Karna Pishachini Devi invoking Mantras, which, I have been writing about for the past many years. This kind of Mantra Experiments as usually performed by the Sadhus from the Aghor Panth. This particular Karna Pishachini Mantra has to be Mastered while sitting on the chest of a dead body in a graveyard.

The Siddhi is gained by visiting a Smashan Bhoomi at 11 O’clock at night and sitting on the chest of a dead body and chanting the Karna Pishachini Aghori Mantra.

The Karna Pishachini Mantra for having the future whispered into the ear by the Karna Pishachini Yakshini should be chanted 100,000 times in as short a period of time as possible.

The Sadhaka should chant the Mantra continuously taking only short breaks for essential chores. Until the Karna Pishachini Mantra Prayoga has concluded, the Sadhaka should not have a bath, shave or brush his teeth.  The Sadhaka should use a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala for counting the number of Mantra Chants.

After, concluding the Mantra Experiment, if the Sadhaka is successful in his quest to invoke the Karna Pishachini Yakshini, she will whisper the future in his ear whenever he needs to know the future destiny of some person.

ॐ ऐं डीं एं क्लीं क्लीं ग्लौं ॐ नमः कर्णाग्नौ कर्णपिशाचिका देवि अतीतानागत वर्तमान वार्ता कथन मम कर्णे कथय कथय तथ्य मुद्रावार्ता कथय कथय आगच्छ आगच्छ सत्यं सत्यं वद-वद वाग्देवि स्वाहा ||
Om Aim Deem Am Kleem Kleem Gloum Om Namah Karnaagnou Karnapishaachikaa Devi Aatitaanaagata Vartaman Vaartaa Kathan Mam Karne Kathaya Kathaya Tathya Mudraavaartaa Katahaya Kathaya Aaagachchha Aaagachchha Satyam Satyam Vad-Vad Vaagdevi Swaha ||


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