Shakti Mantra to Meditate upon Oneness

This is a most simple yet most effective Shakti Mantra to Meditate upon Oneness for people who are engaged in Meditation upon that Oneness, which encompasses the entire Universe.  This Mantra, which is dedicated to the Mother Goddess or the Adi Shakti Mata, can be most useful to Meditate on the unfragmented form of the Supreme Being.

ॐ एकायै नमः ||
Om Ekayai Namah ||
Meaning- I Meditate upon the only Energy [the Adi Shakti], which fills the entire Universe.

Many philosophers will tell you that each and every particle in the Universe is connected to each other and is a part of the unfragmented whole.  This Mantra is also one of those Meditation Mantras, which can enable the Seeker to lose his existence in the Whole and experience the Whole as the Whole itself.

According to me as per my understanding of the text, the Mantra will commence giving most beneficial results when the practitioner completes chanting the Mantra 700,000 times.  However, this is likely to vary depending upon the Spiritual Level of the practitioner, it might even take someone on the brink of Self-Realization a few hindered or so Mantra Chants to fulfill their dreams and experience Oneness.

The Mantra will also be useful from the sincere practitioners of Kundalini Awakening.


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