Saubhagya and Bhagya Laxmi Mantras

In this post, I have written about a couple of very easy to chant Mantra of Saubhagya Laxmi, which can be chanted by both men and women to obtain the lifelong blessings of Laxmi Mata, the Hindu Goddess of Wealthy, Good Fortune, Abundance and Happiness in Life.  These Mantras are most suitable for laypersons, as the practise do not involve any kind of Puja-Vidhi or any other form of Worship of Tantra.

The word Saubhagya, which is commonly used in the Hindi language means among things good fortune, fortunate, happiness, luck, success and auspicious. The word Saubhagyavati, which is a variation of Saubhagya is specially reserved to classify married women whose husbands are alive, it is also frequently used by elders to bless women, Akhand Saubhagyavati Bhava [ May  you always remain fortunate], is one such common blessing wishing a woman good fortune.  This blessing cannot be considered controversial just because it blesses women with a longer life than her husband because in Indian culture, especially in the past the fortune of a woman depended a great deal upon her husband.

Coming back to these Mantras, the Saubhagya Laxmi Mantra, which is the first Mantra shown in the image, will start giving extremely positive results when the number of Mantra Chants crosses the 800,000 mark. The meaning of the Mantra is “I Bow before the Saubhagya Rupi Laxmi”

Good Fortune and Luck Saubhagya and Bhagya Laxmi Mantras
Saubhagya nd Bhagya Laxmi Mantras

There is no need to keep track of the number of Mantra Chants and hence a Counting Rosary is not needed.  The Mantra should be chanted like another long term Meditation Mantra.

The Bhagyalaxmi Mantra is the second Mantra shown in the image. The meaning of this Mantra is the same as that of the Saubhagya Laxmi Mantra. The only difference is that this Laxmi Mantra will start giving most beneficial results after the completion of 700,000 Mantra Chants.


  1. Thank you Guruji.. Your advices are always very fantastic.. Can we also chant this while working or doing some other work...

    1. The this Laxmi Mantra can be chanted even while working or travelling.

  2. pranam sirji, i am going through a tough moment with no jobs no success but only depression sadness n loneliness n failure... I am trying my best but nothing is in my favor..please guruji do you have any solutions or sadhana for my situation so that my life be more successful and i get a job.


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