Dakini Invoking Mantra Experiment

The Dakini is believed to be a most powerful female mystical being according to both Hindu and Buddhist religious scriptures. The description and the qualities attributed to a Dakini differ significantly not only in these two religions but also across various Tantric sects and sub-sects in Hinduism.  In this post, I have described a Tantric Experiment, which is known as the Dakini Siddhi Prayoga or an experiment to invoke the blessing of a Dakini. The Tantra says that if the practitioner succeeds in this very stiff and difficult Mantra Sadhana of invoking the Dakini he gains miraculous paranormal physical and mental strength and powers with the blessing of the Dakini.

To gain Dakini Siddhi, the practitioner has to climb the Semal tree [Botanical name-Bombax ceiba] also known as the Red Cotton Silk tree at night and keep chanting the Mantra shown in the image.

A Dakini Invoking Mantra Experiment for getting  her blessing for paranormal occult powers
Dakini Invoking Mantra 

This Dakini Siddhi Mantra Experiment as per the Tantra should be performed for six years while sitting on a branch of the Semal tree at night in an  Urdhabahu pose.  The Urdhabahu pose is a very advanced Hata Yoga posture of holding the arm straight and ramrod stiff in the air for an indefinite period. This Dakini invoking Mantra Experiment is extremely difficult even for the advanced Tantric but that is understandable because such immense paranormal powers are extremely difficult to Master.

Notes- As mentioned above the qualities and description of the Dakini differ significantly in various belief systems. Some Tantric texts describe her as being a malefic and demonic being associated with death and the process leading to the death of an individual.

On this site are published some Shabar Bhoot-Pret Nivaran Mantras to Exorcise and remove a Dakini from the being of a possessed individual. I have come across many such Exorcism Mantra Rituals, which attempt to invoke the Mighty Hanuman to Exorcise the Dakini. In some of these Rituals, the Dakini is shown as being one of the various fearsome beings, which are part of the dying process.

Certain Tibetan texts describe her as being a part of the Kundalini awakening process and see her presence in the Muladhara or Root Chakra of the Kundalini. Some texts describe her as a fairy like  being associated with erotic sex. Other texts describe her as being a Goddess or associated with a fearsome Goddess like Kali Mata.

One thing is certain that the Dakini is a most powerful feminine mystical entity and not many details are known about her or her looks, strength and powers.


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