Vashikaran By Chipkali

In this post, I am describing a most unique Vashikaran Totka using the Chipkali. The Chipkali, which in the English language is called the ordinary House Gecko or the House Lizard, is a harmless reptile found in most homes, it feeds on insects and spiders. Even though some people might find the Chipkali repulsive, it does not cause any damage and is a harmless reptile and hence my intention is not to advocate the killing of the Chipkali but to give some rare information about a secret Indian Occult Vashikaran Experiment using the Chipkali.

The Vashikaran Totka should be performed on a Saturday at Midnight. The Vashikaran Sadhak should remove all his clothes and be completely nude while performing the Vashikaran Totka. He or she has to then kill a Chipkali with a single stroke of his hand; he can use his hands or any weapon like a stick, knife or any other object for this purpose.

After this, the Vashikaran Sadhak has to burn the Chipkali to ash and worship the Bhasma [ash] by offering it Dhoop and taking the name of the man or women who is desired to be attracted for any purpose like love, marriage or business.

Finally, the Vashikaran Bhasma should be thrown on the head of the desired person to put a most powerful Vashikaran Voodoo Spell upon that person and bring the person under full control and management.

This Vashikaran Totka does not need the use of any other Vashikaran, Akarshan, Mohini Mantra or Tantra.

Note- Article written to impart knowledge about ancient Hindu Occult Rituals and not to kill and destroy harmless living organisms.


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