Maha Vashikaran Yoga Tilak Mantra

This attraction Voodoo Spell, which I have given information about in this post is said to be a Maha Vashikaran Tilak Yoga Mantra Prayoga according to an ancient Hindu text on the most powerful Vashikaran Yogas. In the context of this particular enchantment Spell, the word Yoga means the union of the Mantra and the Tilak Tantra, which creates this strong Vashikaran Spell to put a Vashikaran Spell upon any man or woman for whatsoever purposes desired by the practitioner.

The Mantra experiment should be performed on a Sunday in a graveyard; this includes a Christian Cemetery, Hindu Smashan Bhoomi and Muslim Kabarastan. The practitioner should take a Human Skull [Insan Ki Khopdi] and create a mixture of pure unadulterated Honey and Powdered Babool Ke Beej or Acacia nilotica Seeds in the English language, inside the Human Skull.

Then the practitioner should hold the Human Skull in his right hand and chant the Vashikaran Mantra shown in the image 108 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala. He should insert the name of the person who is desired to be put under a Spell in the blank space in the Mantra. This Vidhi is for infusing the Vashikaran Mixture inside the Skull with the power of the Mantra.

महा वशीकरण योग तिलक मंत्र प्रयोग इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Mahavashikaran Yoga Kajal Mantra Experiment in Hindi and English

Great Indian Occult Voodoo Spell to attract and living being
Maha Vashikaran Yoga Tilak Mantra 

Then to put an attraction Spell on the desired person, he should apply a Tilak of the mixture upon his forehead and then go in front of the desired person. This is said to bring that person under a most powerful Vashikarn Spell.

This Mantra, which has appeared many times on this site, should be chanted 10,000 time using a Rudraksha Mala in order to Master the Mantra. Those who have already Mastered the Mantra in relation to other Vashikaran experiments can simply perform the Vashikaran Tilak experiment, others should first Master the Mantra and then perform the experiment.

This Vashikaran Maha Tantra works to enchant any person for the purposes of love, marriage, friendship or business. It can also be used to bring enemies, co-workers, rivals and superiors under control.


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