Indian Astrology Remedy for Knowledge

According to Indian as well as Western Astrology, the planet Venus [Shukra Graha in Hindi] is related to the development of knowledge, learning, education, intelligence, speech, oratory skills, communication skills, the expansion of mind and brain powers.  People with a malefic Venus in the horoscope are said to be either lacking in these skills or find it a struggle to acquire expertise in these areas. In this post, I have a described a rare Indian Tantrik remedy originating from the Vanaspati Tantra to prepare a good luck charm to negate the ill effects of Venus and enhance knowledge,  intelligence and the other related skills, which have been mentioned above.

The remedy- To practice the remedy, the practitioner should go to a Wild Indigo plant on a Friday. There he should light a couple of incense sticks [Agarbatti] and an oil lamp in front of the Wild Indigo plant and with folded hands pray to it to fulfill the purpose, which has been mentioned above. He should then uproot the Wild Indigo plant with his hands and bring home the root of this plant.

At home, the practitioner should wash and clean the root of the Wild Indigo plant and cut off a small portion of the root and wrap and cover it completely in a white colored thread. Then he can either insert the wrapped Wild Indigo root portion in a gold locket or a cloth locket [Taweez], which has been prepared from a light blue colored cloth.

Then he can chant a root Mantra of Shukra for One Mala or 108 Mantra Repetitions. The root Mantra of Shukra can be seen in this post- Root Mantra of the Nine Planets  and the post on - Navagraha Mantras.

Finally, he should wear the Wild Indigo root-containing locket around his neck like a good luck charm to reverse the ill effects of a harmful Venus in the Horoscope.

Note -The small plant Wild Indigo whose botanical name is Tephrosia purpurea and which is known as Sarphonk or Sharpunkha in the Hindi language is a most common plant in most parts of India. This plant has always been used in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda to treat certain diseases, including very serious ones like leprosy. It is also known as the Fish Poison plant because some of its parts contain elements, which can immobilize fish and other smaller aquatic animals.

The planet Shukra, which represents the Guru of the Demonic Beings or Datiyas Shukracharya is as powerful as Jupiter symbolic of Brihaspati, the Guru of the Devas or Gods in Hindu Mythology.

The Diamond has been universally accepted in Astrology, including Vedic and Western Astrology and the Science of Gem Stones as the precious stone, which negates the ill effects of Venus and enhances it's beneficial effects. However, the Diamond is very expensive and this Vanaspati Tantra remedy is said to be as effective as the wearing of a Diamond.


  1. Neel Sir , In last part of the post you have mentioned about Gem Diamond .
    I want to know according to the authentic books , which finger should be the one for wearing diamond .
    Some say that it is Middle(Saturn) finger while some say it is ring(Sun) finger .
    SO there is lot of dual opinion in this matter .
    Also what is the actual recommended wight of diamond to wear for men. eg in Carats(1Crt=200mg) or Cents .
    If you come across this info , pls do write about it .


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