Prediction about Ultra Leftists in India

At the moment of writing this article India is witnessing some sort of an beginning of an possible ideological civil strife, which is likely to mutate into a full fledged civil war in the future if it is not nipped in the bud.  The Right versus Left Wing one-upmanship has always been going on in India, what has changed in recent times is the  rise and enboldment of the of Ultra Left Wing Elements who now openly speak of destroying and fragmenting India to pieces.

This site has been studying and interpreting the numerous prophecies and predictions regarding the future of India, including those related prophecies of Nostradamus and the Hindu Prophecies on the advent and rise of the last of the Dashavatara of Vishnu; the Kalki Avatar.  Most of these prophecies and prediction point towards a most turbulent and trying period for India in the coming future.

The study of most of the prophecies of Nostradamus reveals that some sort of a revolution or a drastic change in the model of governance or the advent of a powerful ruler or set of rulers who attempt to bring some order to the chaos and state of political decay being witnessed in India for past couple of decades.

The Ultra Left, the Maoists, or the Hard line Communists speak of a New Order or a radical change in the model of governance, as per most prophecies and predictions the possibility of them succeeding in grabbing power in India, seems not only remote but also impossible.  They have a sizable presence in the Naxal Belt or what is known as the Red Corridor spanning certain districts of ten states of India. However, apart from the Red Corridor, they have little presence elsewhere. Most of these elements are parts of fragmented radical groups either unconnected or remotely connected with each other. There is also a very strong possibility that these groups have been compromised by infiltrators in the guise of intellectuals whose only intention is to destroy India. The Jawaharlal Nehru University sedition episode appears to be stray incident, which has been receiving massive publicity.

The prophecies of Nostradamus and the Hindu Prophecies do not foretell about the Ultra left elements ever coming to power in India. That leaves us with the only options of one of the established political parties undergoing a radical change in order to bring the chaos under control.  With the established political order trying every trick in the book to gain, power, sooner or later, if one goes by the interpretations of the predictions of Nostradamus; someone is bound to realize that things have come to the level that to squander hard-earned power would be like offering your head to your opponents on a platter and attempt to stick to power forever.

As per my studies of the prophecies and predictions of Nostradamus pertaining to India, the destiny of India and Hinduism go hand in hand and is inseparable. The last couple of decades have seen most political parties going hammer and tong after anything related to Hinduism, which is most likely cause of the power shift towards the Bhartiya Janta Party and the rise of Right Wing Bodies.


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