Money Attraction Remedy with Darbha Grass

Darbha or Kusha Grass or Desmostachya bipinnata [Halfa Grass] as this variety of grass is commonly referred to in the English language has been associated with Hinduism since time immemorial. Earliest references to the Darbha Grass can be traced back to the Rig Veda, which is a collection of sacred hymns composed over 3500 back in time. In this post, I have described a very simple money and wealth increasing Indian paranormal remedy, which is practiced using the Darbha Grass.

The Totka should be practiced during the specific period of the auspicious astrological Muhurat of Ravi Pushya Yoga. On this day the practitioner should wake up early in the morning have a full body bath, wear fresh and unsoiled clothes and then go to the place where Darbha Grass is growing. There he must light an Agarbatti before a Darbha Grass Plant and then with folded hands pray to it fulfill his innermost wish of getting plenty of money and becoming rich and wealthy.

Then he should uproot the Darbha Grass with his hands and bring it to his home. At home he should separate the root from the rest of the parts of the plant and then wash and clean the root with fresh drinking water, the other parts can be discarded later on by immersing them in a water body.

After the Darbha Grass Root has dried up the practitioner should wrap it in a red colored piece of cloth to prepare a bundle. He should then worship the Darbha Root bundle [Potli in Hindi]by lighting a couple of Agarbatti and an Oil Lamp in front of the bundle.

Lastly, to complete the home remedy to increase money, which is called in the Hindi language as Dhan Vriddhi Ka Gharelu Upay, he should place the Darbha Grass Root bundle like a good luck money attracting charm in his money locker, cash safe or money storage cupboard.

Notes- This home remedy for getting rich can also be performed for a business premises like a shop, office or manufacturing unit to increase the inflow of money into the business. It can also be simultaneously practiced for both home as well as business by keeping a Darbha Grass Root bundle in both the places.

Mantras or any special Puja – Vidhi has not been prescribed for practicing this Gharelu Totka.

Women should not practice this remedy during the period of the continuance of their menstrual cycle.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Can we do this with the Durbha Grass growing at our home?


    1. Yes, Darbha Grass, which is growing at home can be used in order to perform this remedy.

  2. Pranaam Gurudev ji. M facing a serious problem of failure or delay in my work. M into land trading business. My finance has stuck up in various deals. M really having no clue what should I do..
    Thanks to Maa MAHALAKSHMI jii who has found me your website. I can see hope here on this website. Pls suggest what should I do Swamiji. M really under very very bad pressure. The biggest problem of me is i don't know my time of birth. Only correct date I know. Dad mom demised long ago. No one of my family knows the time of my birth that's why I can't get my Janam Patrika made
    pls suggest me Swamiji..
    Awaiting your reply desperately.
    Best Regards

    1. The date of birth does not matter that much.
      Select the Mantra or Yantra you like and perform the Sadhana wholeheartedly and sincerely to resolve your problems.

  3. Dear Neel Sir,
    Getting a pot of darbha grass is difficult to get in it okay if I order strips of darbha grass from sites such as which deal in puja items?After procuring the darbha grass,is it okay if I worship it with agarbatti this Sunday (Ravi pushya Yoga)
    2nd doubt I have is where to throw the other parts in a water body.what exactly sir u meant by water body.pls help sir.I have waited for a long time to do this sadhana.
    -Thank you Sir

  4. darbha grass which is ordered online can be used for this remedy?

    1. This Totka says that the practitioner should first worship the Darbha Grass and then uproot it as mentioned in the post, hence, I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the use of Grass purchased online or from a shop.


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