Shabar Healing Mantra to Treat Wounds

This  Shabar Mantra to treat wounds and injuries is slightly different from the ones given earlier, which are essentially for the same purpose of making wounds heal quickly.  Unlike the previous  Wound Healing Mantras published on this site, this Mantra is not a Siddha Mantra, which means it has to be Mastered in order to use its inherent healing powers to treat and heal injuries.

The Shabar Mantra given below should be chanted non-stop 1008 times on the day of any Shubh Muhurat or Shubh Tithi or on the day of any Hindu festival like Diwali, Holi, Vijayadasami , Navratri or Sankranti. The Sadhaka should use a counting rosary of Rudraksha Beads to count the Mantra Chants.

राम मारे पेढुकी, लछुमन औढ़े धाव | फुले औ न पाके, दरै सुखि जाय ||
Ram Mare Pedhuki, Lachuman Audhe Ghaav | Phule Au Na Paake, Darai Sukhi Jaaya ||

For actual use to treat and heal wounds-, The Mantra should be chanted 108 times using a Rudraksha Mala and then a “Jhadna” of the injured person should be performed using a bunch of peacock feathers.  Jhadna in English is sweeping and that is exactly what has to be done by moving the bunch of peacock feather in a sweeping motion over the body of the wounded person.

Note- Even though this Shabar Mantra names Ram and Laxman there is no need for the worship them in order to perform this Mantra Experiment.

Even pets and domestic cattle can be treated using this Mantra Experiment.

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