Shri Ram Mantra to Heal Wounds

In this post, I have described a Hindu Shabar Health Mantra to heal wounds and injuries. The Shabar Mantra as is seen from its specific wording is dedicated to Shri Ram and invokes him to heal the wounds of an injured person, including a severely wounded person. The healing Mantra also invokes Maharishi Valmiki, the original composer of the Ramayana and the Guru of Rama’s sons Lav and Kush.

The Tantra has not prescribed or recommended any kind of Siddhi Prayoga for this Mantra and hence it is a Siddha Mantra, which means it can be used without having to gain Mastery over the Mantra. However, in my opinion the practitioner should first completely memorize the Ram Mantra by heart before putting it into actual practice to heal the injuries of a wounded person.

The actual practice to heal the wounds of a injured person is very simple, the practitioner should chant the Ram Mantra thrice replacing the word Amuk with that of the wounded person and then blow his breath over the wound.

युध्द किये राम लक्ष्मण दुई भाई | वाल्मीकि ने मंत्र पढि बाण जन्माई ||
बाण से बाण कटे होय बाण बरीषन | बर्ध्द चन्द्रहास से कपै राम लछिमन ||
आदेश मुनि वाल्मीकि की दोहाई | “अमुक” की परिव्यथा कटी जाई ||
Yudh Kiye Ram Lakshman Duee Bhai | Valmiki Ne Mantra Padhi Baan Janmaaee ||
Baan Se Baan Kate Hoye Baan Barishan | Badhrda Chandrahaas Se Kapai Ram Lachiman ||
Adesh Muni Valmiki Ki Dohai | “Amuk” Ki Parivyatha Kati Jaaee ||

Note- Even though the text has described this Shri Ram Mantra as one with which to heal the wounds of person who has been injured by a weapon like a mace, sword, spear or bow and arrow in a battle or fight, the Mantra can also be used to heal other injuries. The Mantra can be most effective if used for healing purposes by a sincere and devoted devotee of Shri Ram.


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