Protective Talismans made from Kali Haldi

In this post, I have described a few simple methods to prepare at home protective talismans, which make the use of the magical Tantric item the Kali Haldi or Black Turmeric. These homemade protective talismans or Tabeez are simple and easy to make and are believed to repulse and remove black magic, evil eye, harmful ghosts, spirits and harmful vibrations of malefic or unfavorable planets in the horoscope of an individual.

Bring home the Kali Haldi on any Shubh Muhurat or any auspicious Hindu Tithi or festival and keep it in small Katori. Then offer Dhoop and Deep to the Kali Haldi to purify it and then wrap and tie it in piece of cloth to prepare a small bundle. Place this Kali Haldi bundle in any place in the house, which faces the main door or entrance of the house. This Totka will repulse the dangerous energies and prevent them from entering the home.

The Kali Haldi Bulbs can be shaped in to small bead like shapes to make a Mala. This Kali Haldi Mala should be purified by offerings of Dhoop-Diya and then worn like a protective talisman around the neck by the person affected by harmful energies, evil eye and Bhoot-Pret. This Kali Haldi Mala should contain either 7, 9 or 11 beads of Kali Haldi.

Another method to prepare a protective talisman is to cut a small piece of the Kali Haldi and offer it Dhoop-Deep and then insert it in a cloth locket [Tabeez in Hindi] and weave the Tabeez in a thread and put it like a protective talisman around the neck of the person who is possessed or affected by the unseen mystic energies, harmful planets or Jadu-Tona.

If need be the Kali Haldi can be powdered and about 1 gram of the Kali Haldi powder can be given with water to the person affected by ghostly or malefic astrological energies or Buri-Nazar to drink.

As mentioned time and again in earlier posts, the Kali Haldi is a rare Tantric item, which is sometimes referred to as Kuchoor.  Those people lucky enough to obtain genuine Kali Haldi can prepare the protective exorcism talismans described in this post.

Those persons who wish to chant a special Mantra to energize the Kali Haldi can see the Mantra in this post- Here

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  1. Sir, recently I found out a page which teaches a "truth spell" using which one can make another targeted person speak the truth without the person knowing what he did.

    I wanted to ask if you have any such mantras or sadhnas at your disposal? If yes, please publish them on your website to share with us.

    Please reply to confirm either positive or negative.


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