Simple Home Remedies using Chiku

The Chiku or Sapodilla as it is known in English is a common fruit in most parts of the world, including India. The Chiku contains 71 percent water, 1 ½ percent Proteins, 1 ½ percent Fat and 25 ½ percent Carbohydrates. It is also rich in Vitamin A content with a small presence of Vitamin C. The Chiku contains 14 percent sugar and is rich in Phosphorus and Iron content.  In this post, I have described some simple and easy healing home remedies, which can be practiced using the Chiku.

As the Chiku is rich in Sugar content, eating a Chiku makes the Sugar mix with the Blood and makes a person fresh and energetic.  Chiku is known to increase the strength of the intestines.

Chiku is most beneficial for people suffering from fever, Consuming Chiku along with a teaspoon of sugar is a good home remedy to increase strength and vitality, This home remedy is also effective in reducing the burning sensation, which is sometimes experienced while passing urine.

The skin of the Chiku is removed and boiled in fresh clean drinking water, then filtered and given to people suffering from dysentery and loose motions an an home remedy for stopping loose motions. This Chiku skin liquid is also considered nutritious for people suffering from fever.

The Chiku or Sapodilla Fruit
The Chiku Fruit

A home remedy for getting relief from severe acidity is to soak a Chiku overnight in fresh white homemade butter and eat it in the morning, This home remedy is said to bring the acidity under control and give relief to the patient.

The Chiku is easy to digest and good for improving the skin and eyesight, especially in growing children. It is also know to increase immunity and act as a de-toxifying agent. Eating a fresh and ripe Chiku for Breakfast or while going to bed is a simple and easy way to maintain good health.

Note- Raw Chiku is tasteless and should not be consumed. Make sure that the Chiku purchased by you has not been ripened by artificial means.

Diabetics kindly avoid or consult your doctor before attempting any of the remedies or recommendation given in this article.


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