Banyan Epiphytic Remedy to Regain Sex Power

The Epiphytic of the Banyan tree or the Bargad Ke Ped Par Ane Wala Banda is a small tree, which grows on the Banyan tree like a parasite. The Banyan Epiphytic is an uncommon and rare Epiphytic, which possesses certain specific magical paranormal powers according to the Indian paranormal science of Vanaspati Tantra. In this post, I have discussed a very special Tantra, which as per the Vanaspati Tantra is said to restore youth and lost sex drive and vitality.

The Banyan Epiphytic is believed to possess most powerful medicinal properties and is used as a healing medicine in some specific health remedies, including those relating to regaining lost vitality, strength, stamina, vigour and low sex drive.

If lucky enough to find such a Epiphytic, which is growing on a Banyan tree as a parasite the paranormal health remedy given below can be easily performed at home by any person wishing to restore his or her lost youth.

The Banyan Epiphytic should be brought home during the specific period of the Ashwini/Ashvini Nakshatra; this is the constellation of Beta Arietis. This specific period is as per the Vanaspati Tantra the most auspicious period to perform this Khoyi Jawani Wapas Paneka Gharelu Upay or Desi Nuskha as this home remedy to regain lost youth and sex power is called in the Hindi language. This period can be easily calculated by consulting the Panchang or the Hindu Calendar.

At home, the Banyan Epiphytic should be washed and cleaned with fresh drinking water. Then it should be purified by worshiping it by lighting an Oil Lamp and Agarbatti in front of the Epiphytic. Then it should be rubbed on a Rubbing Board or Rubbing Stone by adding a little amount of water to make a fine paste. The Banyan Epiphytic paste should be stored in a clean glass bottle.

Every day a pinch of this Banyan Epiphytic Paste should be given to the person suffering from low sex power to drink along with a small glass of Milk. The treatment should continue until positive results are observed and the patient feels that he or she has regained their lost strength, sex drive and vitality.

Note- Article written for educational purposes only and for advocating this home remedy. Please consult your physician before attempting this remedy.

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