Mantra to Know Language of Mice

The Mantras described in this post are from a rare Hindu Tantra, which describes the knowledge of gaining the paranormal ability to know and understand the language of animals from the sound made by them. In this post, I have described a Mantra Experiment, which is believed to enable the one who has Mastered the Mantra to understand the language of Mice.

Along with the paranormal ability to understand the sounds made by mice, the Tantra say that the practitioner will succeed in anything he does and good luck will always favor him and he will make his fortune.

This Mantra known as the Mushak Swara Gyan Siddhi Mantra or the Mantra to gain the knowledge to understand the meaning of the sounds made by mice. There are two different Mantras for the same purpose shown by me in the image and the Mantra Prayoga described below can be performed using any one of these two Mantras.

The Mantra Experiment should by conducted on a Thursday during the period of the Pushya Nakshatra or the constellation Delta Cancri. This period should be calculated as per the Hindu Panchang. On this day, the practitioner and his wife have to sit facing the East Direction and chant any one of the two Mushak Swar Siddhi Mantras 10,000 times.

The wife is essential to this Mantra Experiment and both of them have to chant the Mantra together using Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosaries.

Mushak or the Mice is as per Hindu beliefs and religious teachings the vehicle of Ganesha, however, this Mantra Sadhana has no connection with the worship of Ganesha.

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  1. Dear Guruji !!

    Any mantra that allow use to undestand cat / Dog or all animal language ?
    Is there mantra that can help in learning and understanding for difference human language ?

    Thank for sharing Dear Guru !!

    1. There's only certain number of animals language you can predict Mouse, Donkey, Duck, Crow and Cat.
      And if you're willing to learn others language of people. Then you should practice high magick, Like making pact with demons, they can give the ability to understand and speak any language. It doesn't mean you'd have to be a Satanist, because King simon has spent his many years to discover this kind of rituals. They'll do your every bidding.

      And other method is to do a Sadhna who can fulfill your wish( Vaar prapti hetu sadhna)

      Blessed Be

    2. Dude.. Seems like I could learn a lot from you. And who is this king Simon? You mean Solomon..related with Jews?

    3. Sorry It was King Solomon, Son of David. (Typing error)

    4. Man, what kind of demons are they? Also pls tell which deities did king Solomon worship?

    5. They aren't quite demons, Many of them willingly help magician to fulfill their deeds.
      Solomon used to worship Divine "Whost nature hast not seen"We can consider as Adi Sakti, Nirakar Or Nirvana.

  2. Pls tell mantra for eldearly woman to bear a healthy child.

    1. Kindly see the HEALTH MANTRAS and MANTRAS Sections where some Mantras to bear children have been described.

  3. Kindly tell the mantra for removing the enemies and all the obstacles from my life and earn lots of money.i am doing Hardwork but not get the success in my job

  4. Dear Neel Sir,
    I wish there was a mantra sadhana to understand the language of Cats.They are the most inquisitive and mysterious pet animals.So for this purpose its beneficial to learn tantra to understand the language of cats.Meow.


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