Powerful Hindu Enemy Protection Charm

The Limonia acidissima tree commonly known as the Wood-Apple or Bael-Fruit tree and as the Kaitha or Kavath tree in Hindi is said to be a tree possessing strong medicinal healing powers. The various parts of this tree, which is most common in India and the Indian Sub-Continent are used in numerous traditional Indian healing and home remedies. In this post, I have described a paranormal remedy to remove fear of danger and harm from enemies, rivals, opponents, competitions and jealous and envious people, including relations using an Epiphytic or Parasite Plant, which is growing on the Wood Apple tree.

As explained in a couple of recently published articles the Indian science of Vanaspati Tantra attaches and attributes special magical paranormal qualities to Epiphytic plants. These Occult and Voodoo powers vary and depend on the kind of host tree on which the Epiphytic or Banda as it is called in Hindi is growing. Each host tree has been attributed with specific and unique magical qualities.

Coming back to this home remedy for eradicating enemy related troubles and fears, including psychological fear the Epiphytic growing on a Bael Fruit tree should be obtained during the specific period of the Kritika Nakshatra or the constellation of Eta Tauri as this Nakshatra is known as in the English language. This specific period is mentioned in this post like most other posts because it the period when the chances of success are at their peak.

When the Bael Fruit tree Epiphytic has been obtained and brought home as always it should be washed and cleaned with fresh drinking water and then worshipped to purify and energize it by lighting an Oil Lamp and Incense stick in front of the Bael Fruit Epiphytic. The Bael Fruit tree is believed to be very dear to the Hindu God Shiva and is used in numerous Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals, including those relating to the worship of Shiva.

Then finally, a portion of the Bael Fruit Tree Epiphytic should be cut, inserted in a Metal Locket and tied with a thread like a protective charm - Tabeez on the upper or lower right hand or around the neck.

This paranormal locket for protection from enemies is said to remove all kind of enemy fears, problems and dangers. The Vanaspati Tantra also mentions that using this protective talisman will make the weapons of the enemy, including swords and knifes ineffective against the practitioner.

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