Yantra for Cash Box of Shop

This Yantra, which, I have described in this post, is specifically prepared by shopkeepers to be kept in the Cash Box or Money Counter of a Shop. Almost all shops have no matter how small have a Money Box or Drawer where the Shop’s Money is kept. This particular Indian Good Luck Charm, which is known in the Hindi language as the Dukan Ke Gale Ka Laxmi Prapti Yantra is Money Attracting Charm, which is said to increase the inflow of Money into the shop.

The Yantra, which comprises of numbers vibrating a unique frequency, should be drawn on a square white piece of paper with red ink.

Hindu Good Luck Charm kept in the Cash Box of a Shop
Yantra for Cash Box of Shop

A Panchopachara Puja of the Yantra is essential in order to energize the Yantra. Panchopachara Puja is a most simple form of traditional Hindu Worship of deities and religious and paranormal objects like Yantras. In Panchopachara Worship the worshipper has to offer five different items to the Yantra like keeping flowers and sweets[even sugar can be offered] in front of the Yantra and lighting an oil lamp and a couple of incense sticks in front of it and applying a little bit of Gandham[including sandalwood powder or vermillion] on the Yantra.

This is all that should be done, after which the Yantra should be kept in the Money Box or Cash Drawer.

Notes- The Yantra can be prepared on any at any time as there is no recommendation about specific dates or timings in the Tantra.

The sweets offered as Prasad can be eaten or offered to others like family members or friends. The rest of the items used in the Panchopachara Puja should be immersed in a water body.

This Yantra can also be kept in the cash box or cash safe of an office, which is not a shop.

It is better to get the prepared Yantra laminated, as it is likely to be damaged or soiled. In case the Yantra is damaged, it should be removed from the Money Box and immersed in a water body and new Yantra should be prepared using the same method described above and kept in the Money Box.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Gandham means five type of powders used for Pooja or only Sandalwood or Vermillion?


    1. Gandham meaning and powder used for puja, including sandalwood and vermillion.

  2. Sir, Is it any nagative effect if I keep two or money yantra kept in same cash box?

    1. There will be no problem in keeping two or Money Yantras or Charms in the same cash box.

  3. Sir kindly provide what item to place in my shop as it my second n can also place in first
    Thank u


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