Paranormal Remedies using Pomegranate Epiphytic

Indian paranormal sciences, especially the Vanaspati Tantra attaches great importance to Epiphytic Plants. These plants, which grow like parasites on other plants are called Banda in the Hindi language and are said to possess strong paranormal magical powers. In this post, I have described two simple and easy to practice Tantric experiments or Totke, which are preformed using the Epiphytic of the Pomegranate plant, which is called as the Anar Ke Ped Par Anewala Banda in the Hindi language or a parasite plant, which is growing on the Pomegranate tree.

The Anar Ke Ped Ka Banda is a very uncommon Epiphytic and is rarely found. If lucky enough to find one growing on a Pomegranate tree then any of the two or both the paranormal home remedies described by me below in this post can be performed.  The first paranormal remedy is primarily to resolve issues relating to Buri Atma-Bala, Buri Nazar, Jadu Tona and any other kind of Aghori or fearsome Tantric Mantra-Tantra of Voodoo Spells.  The second home remedy is basically to gain money, prosperity and wealth [Dhan, Aishwarya Aur Sampati Prapti Ka Gharelu Upay].

To remove, revert, repulse black magic, evil eye, ghosts, spirits and invisible paranormal energies the Pomegranate Epiphytic should be brought home during the period of the Jyeshta Nakshatra or the constellation Antares in English. The Epiphytic should be washed, cleaned and kept in a clean place and worshipped and purified as always by lighting an Oil Lamp and Incense Stick in front of it. The Pomegranate Epiphytic should then be tied with a thread on any of the two upper corners of the frame of the main door of the house.

This the Vanaspati Tantra says repulses Black magic and malefic energies and prevents them from entering the house. It also ensures that the residents of the house are not affected by curses [Shaap in the Hindi Language], it removes misfortune from the house and make the residents of the house, including children healthy and gives all-round happiness to everyone living in the house.

Another paranormal remedy, which is practiced to increase money and wealth and gain abundance and prosperity using the Pomegranate Epiphytic  is to bring it home during the period of the Purvaphalguni Nakshatra, the constellation Delta Leonis or the Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra, the constellation Beta Leonis. The Pomegranate Epiphytic  should then be cleaned and purified as mentioned in the first remedy. Then it should be placed in any clean and secure location in the house, including the money safe and cash or valuables storage cupboard.

This the Vanaspati Tantra says will increase the inflow of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity into the house and open the fortune of the people residing in the house.

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