Tantrik Experiments to Defeat Enemy

In many previous posts, I have described many unique Indian paranormal experiments, which are conducted using the parts of the magical Gunja or Rosary Pea Plant. In this post, I have described some rare Hindu Tantrik enemy defeating paranormal experiments, which are performed using the parts of this plant.  Such Occult Voodoo destructive experiments are best avoided and should only be performed for the general good of the public or Lok Kalyan.

The auspicious dates, which have been recommended for obtaining the parts of the Gunja Plant have already been given is an earlier post, which can be seen - Here

To create fights in the home of an enemy- The seeds of the Lal or Red Gunja [these seeds are red in color] should be used to perform this experiment. The experiment should be performed only on a Sunday or a Tuesday. If desirous to harass someone, including an enemy, opponent, co-worker, boss, superior or social, business or workplace competitor the seeds of the Lal Gunja should be thrown on the residence of that person. This the Vanaspati Tantra says will cause disturbances, quarrels, disagreements and fights in that house.
This is a harmful Tantric experiment and Pure Minded Satvik People normally avoid performing such experiments unless it is unavoidable,

To defeat and immobilize an enemy- A portion of the root of the Gunja Plant should be rubbed in the Menstrual Blood of a woman to prepare a paste. The Tantra says doing so makes the Gunja root paste gain Paranormal Occult Powers.
The practitioner should then apply this Gunja root paste like an eyeliner- Anjan in Hindi in his eyes, then go, and face his enemy or opponent.
The Vanaspati Tantra says that this will make most powerful vibrations emit from the eyes of the practitioner, which will immobilize the enemy and make him powerless and the practitioner will be able to effortlessly subdue that person.

A Maran Yantra can be prepared using the paste of Gunja root and Gorochana. The name of the enemy is written on this Yantra and the Maran Yantra is buried in the ground.
I have purposely not given the image of the Maran Yantra because this is a most destructive experiment, which is practiced by Aghori Tantriks to kill an enemy or for that matter any person whom they wish to cause severe and ultimate harm.

Note- These experiments are free from any kind of Mantra-Yantra or Puja-Vidhi or any other form of worship. This rare information is only given for educational purposes and not to advocate its use in performing destructive paranormal experiments intended to cause harm and discomfort to any person.

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