Hindu Happiness Remedy for Newly Married Girl

This is a simple and easy to perform home remedy for the parents of a Hindu bride wishing to protect, safeguard and make their daughter safe, secure, happy, peaceful and contented in her husband’s home. This simple remedy, which has its origins in the magical Lal Kitab, invokes Bhagwati Mata or the Divine Mother to ensure that the bride finds happiness in her husband’s home and maintains cordial relations with her In Laws

The first part of this Gharelu Upay has to be performed before the commencement of the Saat Phere Ceremony, which is central to any Hindu marriage conducted in accordance with the traditional Vedic rituals and no marriage is said to be complete without the Saat Phere or Seven Rounds of the Holy Fire. The Saat Phere Ceremony symbolizes the seven sacred vows taken by the bride and bridegroom with the sacred fire, symbolized by Agni Deva or Fire God as the witness. The Saat Phere ceremony completes the Hindu marriage ceremony.

Before Saat Phere Ceremony- Take a Yellow Colored Cotton Thread and tie five knots on the thread. Then tie the thread on the wrist of the right hand of the bride so that is touches her wrist.

He second part of the remedy should be performed at the time of the Bidaai or Vidaai. This is the traditional Hindu marriage ceremony when the bride finally bids farewell to her paternal home and leaves for her husband home.

At the time of the Bidaai Ceremony- Haldi Powder [turmeric powder] should be mixed with Ganga Jal [water of the holy river Ganges] and an Utara of the bride should be done seven times.  This is done by taking the Haldi mixed Ganga Jal in the palm and rotating it around the body of the bride from head to toe and the throwing it in front of her. After this, the Yellow Thread [Pila Dhaga] should be removed from her wrist.

Finally, to conclude the Nai Dulhan Ko Pati Ke Ghar Me Vivah Sukh Aur Anand Pane Ka Totka, the Yellow Thread should be taken to any temple of Mata Bhagwati and kept at her feet. This concludes the Gharelu Upay to protect, safeguard the bride is her new home.  The Yellow Thread can be kept at the feet of any manifestation of the Divine Mother in any of her forms like Durga, Parvati, Kali, Chamunda, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati or any other Shakti form of the Mother Goddess.

The remedy is an updated version of an earlier Hindu Totka given some time earlier, which can be seen here- Remedy for bride to be happy in her husband’s home.


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