Mantra for the Victorious Vishnu

There are some references in certain Hindu mythological texts about Vishnu being referred to as Jishnu.  Jishnu means always victorious or triumphant or the one who always wins in the end. In Hinduism Vishnu is the Protector of Creation and hence the divine force, which manifests whenever there is a danger of humanity or the Universe being overrun by evil and destructive forces, the Demons[Rakshasas].  Hindu mythology is replete with examples of the unending strife between the Good and Evil and the intervention of Vishnu or his Avatars on the side those on the right path or Satya [truth] to annihilate the evil and demonic forces.

Having studied some related religious scriptures, I came across a small three word Meditation Mantra, which is also a part of the 108 names of Vishnu, which is given below.

ॐ जिष्ण्वे नमः ||
Om Jishnave Namah ||

Meaning- I salute Jishnu also called Vishnu

The text mentions that this Vishnu Mantra should be chanted like any other long-term meditation Mantra and should be chanted 600,000 to make it fruitful and show results.

Note- There are many such small meditation Mantras given on this site where a large number of Mantra Chants have been prescribed for these Mantra Sadhanas. The devotees should keep in mind that such Satvik Mantra Sadhanas  are never wasted and even if the chanter passes away during the course of the Mantra Sadhana, the fruit of the Mantra Sadhana will most certainly be carried forward to his next life.

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