Yantra to Remove Diseases in Women

This Indian health Yantra, which, I have explained in this post, is a special Stri Kasht Nivaran or Stri Rog Mukti Yantra meaning a talisman to free a woman from diseases and ailments. These diseases and ailments include those, which are specific to women like uterus, menstrual cycle related ones, frigidity, breast cancer and other such women specific diseases. There are two methods in which this Yantra can be prepared both the method might appear weird and uncanny to the layperson but that’s how some of these Indian Paranormal Remedies were original composed as per reliable Hindu scriptures.

Apart from the helping in healing diseases and ailments, the Yantra can prove to be beneficial in removing mental and psychological ailments in women and removing unnatural fears and phobias.

Hindu Paranormal Yantra to Remove Diseases and Ailments in Women
Yantra to Remove Diseases in Women

1] The Yantra should be prepared on the bone of a Goat as shown in the image included in this post using any kind of Red Colored Ink to draw the Yantra.

Then it should be tied with a thread like a paranormal healing talisman around the waist of the woman.

2] The Yantra should be drawn on the bone of a Donkey using Green Colored Ink and then tied with a thread like a Good Luck Charm and hung in a suitable corner of the room or house of the woman.

Notes- If the Yantra is prepared using the first method; it should be drawn on a small sized bone so as to minimize any kind of discomfort to the woman.

The scripture has not recommended or prescribed any specific dates or time nor any kind of energising-infusion procedure or Puja-Vidhi or worship, hence the Yantras can be put to use straight away.

The second method will can help more than one woman living in the same house if the Yantra is placed in any common area in the house, which is frequented by all of them.

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  1. Sir as you stated in your first method I have collected small sized bone of goat for my wife as she is suffering from uterine fibroids. My query is this bone should be in any specific shape means flat or round or any kind of bone of goat is fine? Another query is my wife is chanting some puja mantras on daily basis, if she will tie this bone at her waist will she can continue these mantras normally? Thanks and waiting for your valuable reply.

    1. The bone should be small and should not cause discomfort to the wearer.
      This is a stand-alone remedy and can be practiced along with other mantras.

  2. Sir as per your instructions my wife drew the following Yantra on a flat shaped bone of goat and tied it at her waist, but after two days it untied automatically and removed from her waist. Should she rewear it again by knotting it? Or can I make hole on this bone so that it can permanent and get rid of untiding?


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