Powerful Love Tantra to Win Dream Lover

I describe a simplistic Tantra of maintaining Maun Vrat to win over the love and affection of a desired lover in this post. This Tantra uses the most powerful vibrations of pure love to make your dream come true and get your dream life partner.  Pure love stands for God and the most powerful force in the Universe; hence, this love Tantra is extremely effective, if practiced correctly.

Even though, it has been mentioned that this love Tantra is for a man to win the love of a desired lover, in my opinion, even a woman can practice this remedy or Totka to get the love of her desired life partner or dream lover.

The boy should keep a Maun Vrat on Thursdays after Sunset for approximately four hours. Maun mean silence and Vrat means a fast or a vow or pledge [Sankalp] in the context of this phrase, hence Maun Vrat means a Vow of Keeping Silent for a fixed period of time.  It has been correctly said that “Silence is Golden’ this is the reason why Maun Vrat has been given great importance in the Hindu religion as it is known to purify the mental and emotional conditioning of the human body.

During the period of the Maun Vrat, the boy should try as much as possible to think in a positive and pure manner [Satvik Vichar] about his dream lover and think that he is going to get married soon to his true love. During the period of the Maun Vrat, the boy should look with concentration at a photograph of the girl he is in love with for about ten minutes or so. While gazing at the photograph the boy should think that vibrations of pure love are emitting from his being and engulfing the photograph of the desired girl lover.

Along with the Maun Vrat, the boy should avoid meeting his desired marriage partner on Saturdays and during the period of Amavasya [the New Moon Day]. This is so because on these days, the mind is likely to stray and this is likely to make impure thoughts regarding the sought after life partner come to the fore.

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  1. guruji please expalin benefits of maun vrat or silence...

  2. Guruji is it just for one day..or for every Thursday..till we see any result please explain me.. i'm a love sick man


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