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Ganpati Mantra for Safety from Hostile Animals

The  Ganesha Mantra described by me in is post is a Atma Raksha Mantra to stop harm from poisonous and hostile animal, birds, insects, reptiles and fish is a powerful Ganesh Shabar Mantra, which gives the power to the Sadhaka to stop the hostile being mentioned above by blowing his breath in their direction.  This is one of those Siddhis, which were gained by the Indian Swamis and Yogis of the Middle and Early Middle Ages for their Suraksha [protection], while they travelled through rough and unfriendly regions.

This Ganapati Mantra has to be Mastered in a Smashan Bhoomi [Hindu Cremation Grounds] by chanting it 1000 times daily during the night for 11 days in a row. After successfully chanting the Mantra, which, I have given below for 11 days in a row the Sadhaka gains Siddhi over the Mantra and is able to uses it as per his will whenever he wishes to stop poisonous or dangerous animals, birds, reptiles, insects or fish, which are coming his way.

ॐ हुं गं ग्लौं हरीदा गणपतये वर-वरद, सर्व जन्तु हृदय स्तम्भनं कुरु-कुरु स्वाहा ||
Om Hum Gam Gloum Harida Ganapataye Var-Varada, Sarva Jantu Hridaya Stambhanam Kuru-Kuru Swaha ||

To use the Mantra the Sadhaka has to chant it once and blow his breath in the direction of the hostile elements, which are coming in his direction to cause harm to him.

This Mantra-Tantra with the aid of Ganesha is said to keep these hostile animals at bay and make them avoid crossing the path of the Sadkaka and keep his safe and secure and out of harm’s way.

The same Ganesha Mantra has been given earlier, but there is a slight variation in the Siddhi Procedure - Ganesh Mantra to Immobilize Wild Animals

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