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Is Prophet Muhammad Kalki Avatar

There is some talk about the Prophet Muhammad being prophesied in a lot of ancient Hindu Religious Scriptures including the Mantras of the Rig-Veda, Samaveda and the Atharvaveda and also the Kalki Purana and the Bhavishya Purana  . Among these prophecies, the most famous ones are those, which are said to be contained in the Kand or Book 20 – Hymn 21 of the Atharvaveda. Interesting these prophecies appears to have originated from the translations of the Vedas by a Pandit called Rajaram about whom not much information is available.

Having studied most on these Mantras and their translations by other translators, including Ralph Griffith and Maurice Bloomfield it is very difficult to visualize what made Pandit Rajaram link these prophecies to Mohammad Paigambar. In my opinion, there is nothing in these Mantras, which can be even remotely linked or related to Mohammad Paigambar or the Islamic religion.

Most of these verses speak about the exploits of some ancient mighty kings, warriors and Hindu Gods like Indra and their exploits, which are most commonplace in most ancient Hindu texts, including the Vedas, which are full of such references to Indra, Marut, Agni and other popular Gods of the Vedic Age.

It is most pathetic to note that much weight age has been given to a reference about a Vedic Rishi called Mamah and attempts to pass it off as a description of the Prophet Mohammad.  Indra has been wrongly referred to as Allah, when Indra, the King of the Gods or Devraj Indra was subordinate to many other Hindu deities in hierarchy, including the Divine Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. There is an attempt to twist the meaning of a verse of the Samaveda containing the word “Aham” a common reference to the “Self or the Me” to “Ahmad” and link it to the Prophet Muhammad.

It is amusing to see these attempts to attribute hidden meanings to the Vedic Verses and the Puranas and pass them off as futuristic prophecies. These Vedic verses are in fact Vedic Mantras, which are chanted by Millions of devote Hindu for a wide range of purposes ranging from health, wealth, exorcism and Vashikaran.

The Kalki Purana is probably the most famous example of faking prophecy, which describes the Prophet Muhammad as the tenth and the last of the Dashavatara of Bhagwan Vishnu. The same is true of the Bhavishya Purana in which there is a reference to someone called as   Mahamada, which has been passed off as a reference of the Prophet Muhammad.  These so-called prophecies simply do not fit in with the overall narrative or essence of these sacred texts. There are also extremely strong chances that these texts may have been tampered with somewhere in the Middle Ages by vested interests to suit the socio-political structure of those times.

The Buddhist prophecy of the coming Buddha; Maitreya has also been somehow twisted and linked to the word “Merciful” a common description of the Prophet Muhammad,

The common thing in most of these faked prophecies is that they pick up a word or a phrase, which sounds or resembles any Islamic word or phrase and twists the surrounding narrative and then somehow attempts to link it to the Prophet Muhammad to show that the Prophet Muhammad is the Kalki Avatar or the only Prophet sent by God as the Universal teacher.

The much prophesied and long awaited Kalki Avatar who is said to manifest at the peak of the Kali Yuga will be endowed by supernatural powers, which will enable him to use force if needed to bring about an evolutionarily change in human consciousness.  He can also be taken to be the Maitreya of Buddhism and the Second Conning of Christ of the Bible Prophecies.


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