Yantra for Business Success

This is a Yantra for Business Success or a Vyavsayik Safalta Prapti Hetu Yantra as it is called in the Hindi language, which I have described in this particular post.  This specific Yantra is one of the special Indian Paranormal Good Luck Charms, which are said to be highly beneficial for someone embarking upon a new business project or even to breathe new life and energy to revitalize an existing business, including a trading, manufacturing, consulting or online business enterprise.

There are two methods of preparing the same Yantra, which I have shown in the image included in this post. Both these methods of using this Business Success Yantra are given below.

Hindu Lucky Yantra for Business Success
Yantra for Business Success
This first way of using this Yantra to attract success is to prepare it during the night of any Grahan Kaal [the period of any kind of full or partial Lunar or Solar Eclipse] or on the night of the festival of Diwali.

The Yantra should be drawn on a wall facing the main entrance of the shop, office or factory using Anar Kalam[ pointed stick of a pomegranate tree] as the pen and the paste of Kesar[ Saffron sticks dipped in water] or Raktchandana paste[paste of the red variety of sandalwood].

The second method to use the Yantra is prepare it during the specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra [the constellation Delta Cancri], The Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra using a Aanar Kalam as the witting instrument and Ashtagandha Paste as the ink. Then it should be kept in the cash counter, cash locker or the place where the business money is kept.

The practitioner can make the Yantra in anyone or both the preparation methods, which I have described in this post. There is no special form of worship or Mantra Chanting needed to practice this Yantra Remedy, the only recommendation for the practitioner is to rotate an incense stick in front of the Yantras every day.

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