Indian Remedy to Remove Voice Defects

The Bach or Sweet Flag [botanical name Acorus calamus] is a common spice in most parts of India, known commonly in Sanskrit as Vacha or Bacha and also Vekhand. In this post, I have described an Indian health remedy, which is paranormal in nature using an Epiphytic [Banda] growing on the Calamus Plant. This remedy as per the Vanaspati Tantra is said to remove all defects of Vak Shakti[ Speech and Vocal] like difficulty in speaking, struggling to put thoughts into words, heavy tongue and slurred speech, stuttering, lack of oratory skills and nervousness and tension while speaking. This remedy is also said to enhance and strengthen the vocal cords and the quality and texture of the voice.

The occurrence of an Epiphytic or Parasite Plant growing on the Calamus Plant is very rare. If such an Epiphytic is found to be growing on the Calamus Plant then there is no need to wait for an auspicious occasion or Subh Muhurat to remove the Epiphytic and bring it home. Having said this, I must add that the Vanaspati Tantra mentions that it is most auspicious to remove the Epiphytic on the day of any kind of Solar or Lunar Eclipse [Surya or Chandra Grahan].

Once the Epiphytic has been brought home, it must be cleaned with fresh drinking water and then worshipped by lighting an incense stick and oil lamp in front of the Epiphytic. Then after it has dried up completely, it must be grounded to prepare a fine paste, which should be stored in a clean glass bottle.

Then every day for one week, the practitioner should consume about 7 Grams of the Calamus Epiphytic Powder by mixing it in Pure Cow Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow. This should be done in the morning before Sunrise. If the practitioner feels a noticeable improvement in removing his speech or vocal defects or sees an improvement in the quality and tone of his voice, he should continue the treatment for another two weeks.

Notes- The Safed Bach is also considered to be a Vanaspati. It comes in two basic varieties sweet and sour. The Sweet Flag is used in numerous traditional Indian and Ayurveda remedies to improve and enhance the memory function. The sour variety is grounded finely, mixed with water, and applied on the scalp to get rid of Lice.

Information about this remedy is given for purely educational purposes. If anyone wishes to practice this remedy to improve the tone and texture of their voice and enhance their oratory skills then they should first consult their doctor before attempting the remedy.

If Calamus or the Calamus Epiphytic Powder is consumed in large quantity, it might cause severe health problems including possible death.


  1. sir where will I get calamus epiphytic powder. I need it urgently


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