Mantra to Get Over Guilt Feelings

The Mantra given in this post is a very popular Hindu Vedic Mantra from the Yajurveda, which contains some of the most powerful illumination hymns. This particular Mantra form the Yajurveda is a verse, which prays for the replacement of evil, malefic, harmful, and remorseful and guilt ridden thoughts from the mind by auspicious, happy and pleasant thoughts. In this post, below, I have explained a simple method to practice this Mantra using a Rudraksha Bead.

The practitioner should take a Six Faced Rudraksha [६ Mukhi Rudraksha] in his or hand and chant this Mantra as and when harmful thoughts start clouding his mind. There is no fixed daily Mantra Sadhana of any kind prescribed for this Mantra; it can be practiced as and when needed.

Mantra to Get Over Guilt Feelings from the Atharvaveda
Mantra to Get Over Guilt Feelings

This Mantra can also be called a Mantra to be free from sins or a Mantra to be free from the feeling of guilt, which has taken deep roots inside the mind.  In the Hindi language, it can be called the Paap Mochan Mantra or the Apradh Bodh Nashak Mantra.

The Mantra can be most beneficial to those people whose minds are flooded with a feeling of guilt and remorse about something, which occurred in their past and unable to get over this feeling because it has its roots in the deeper regions of their subconscious minds.


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