Laxmi Mantra to Remove Business Obstacles

In this post, I have explained how to perform a special and most powerful Laxmi Mantra experiment to remove business obstacles like shortage of money and funds, problems created by business competitors, jealous rivals and enemies, lack of progress or losses in business, inability to get loans and credit, lack of sales or customers and many such common hurdles, which are encountered by business persons who are going through a torrid time and struggling to keep their business afloat.

This Vyapar Ki Samasya Door Karne Ka Laxmi Mantra Prayoga as this particular Mantra Experiment is called in Hindi should be started on any Wednesday. On the first day of the Mantra Sadhana, the practitioner should spread some Yellow Mustard Seeds [Pili Sarson] over a wooden board and place six yellow colored Cowris and six brown colored Cowris over the Yellow Mustard Seeds. Cowris are seashells, which are commonly used in numerous Tantric and paranormal rituals.

After this, the practitioner should sit in front of the wooden board on a yellow colored sitting mat[Pila Aasan] and chant the Laxmi Mantra, which has been shown in the image below 1000 times. The practitioner has to use a Haldi Mala, which a Mala is prepared from Turmeric to count the number of Mantra Chants.

Vyapar Ki Samasya Door Karne Ka Laxmi Mantra Prayoga
Laxmi Mantra to Remove Business Obstacles 

The Mantra Sadhana should be faithfully performed in front of the wooden board for the next nine days continuously [ten days in all].This Laxmi Mantra Experiment requires the completion of 10,000 Mantra Chants in all. If enable to chant the Mantra 1000 times daily, the practitioner can reduce the number to 500 in 20 days or whatever number he is comfortable with, however the number of Mantra Chants per day should always be constant.

After the concluding of the Mantra Experiment, the items used for the experiment should be immersed in any flowing water body.

This Laxmi Mantra Experiment is also beneficial in exorcising any kind of black magic, Jadu-Tona or Evil Eye [Buri Nazar] or unfriendly paranormal activity, which is adversely affecting the business.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Which is the best time to perform this?
    And until we complete whole remedy, the wooden should be kept at same place without moving?


    1. The remedy can be performed either in the morning or at sunset.
      The wooden board should be kept at the same place till the full remedy for 10 day days is completed.

    2. Is the pooja to be done at office or at home also.. please assist..

    3. The Laxmi Puja can be done at anyone one of the two places.

  2. Sir Kindly clear the following points :
    1. How much mustard seeds are to be used ? one small plate full will do ? or a fistful will do?
    2.On Wooden Board , mustard seeds are to be directly placed on the board OR we can put a yellow cloth and keep a thali on it and then spread the mustard seeds ...
    3. Please explain the arrangement of the kaudis ;
    is there a way or we can keep them in any way- one row of yellow kaudis and then one row of brown kaudis below it .
    4. Finally for visarjan if there is no river then where can we put the materials used .
    5. is the mala also included in visarjan
    6. also do we have to do any puja like panchopchar of the kaudis or anything else or its just the setup and mantra chanting

    Thanks in advance .

    1. You can take an approximate quantity of Mustard Seeds and spread them so that the Cowris fit on them.
      There is no need to put a cloth on the wooden board.
      The Cowris can be arranged in any order.
      The Mala is not included in the Visarjan and it can be used again for other Mantra Experiments.
      Visarjan in flowing water is essential.
      No other Puja is need other than what has been described in the above article,


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