Simple Laxmi Akarshan Tips for House

In this post, I have described some of the most simple Money Attraction or Laxmi Akarshan tips, which are common in both Vastu Shastra and Hindu Tantra Shastra. These simple Laxmi Prapti Totke are said to greatly enhance the chances of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity freely flowing into the household with the blessing of the Goddess of Plenty.

As explained from time to time in many earlier posts, cleanliness and hygiene are very dear to the Goddess laxmi and most Hindu texts mention time and again that Laxmi does not frequent dirty and unhygienic places. Dirt and filth attract negative, malefic, dull and harmful energies and vibrations, which block or dilute the free circulation of pure and vibrant helpful energies inside the house.

To rectify these defects, cleaning the house once a week by mixing the cleaning water with Rock salt [Sendha Namak in Hindi] is helpful in remove negative energies and attracting powerful Money Attracting Vibrations inside the house.

The same way cleaning the entire house, including the toilets, lofts and storerooms or cellars with Rock Salt mixed cleaning water on the day of Amavasya or New Moon is very helpful in preventing the circulation of negative energies inside the house. Apart from what is mentioned above, the cobwebs should be removed from the ceiling and the dust removed from the fans, tube lights, cupboards and the furniture. Amavasya is said to be that day of the month when lowly and unhelpful  energies are at their peak and such energies should never be allowed to settle and circulate inside the house.

On the day of Poornima or Full Moon, it is always advisable to light Loban, Dhoop or any other favored incense sticks inside the house and let the pleasant aroma freely circulate in all the rooms.

Both Vastu and Tantra Shastra advise that the lighting inside the house should always be bright and cheerful. Dull and melancholy lighting should be avoided as far as possible. It is also advisable to turn the lights on in every room in house for at least 15-20 minutes at dusk time.

Note- These paranormal Hindu remedies for money do not involve any kind of Mantra or any other form of worship, however, that is left entirely to the wishes or beliefs of the practitioners.


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