Vishnu Shankh Mantra and Remedies

The Vishnu Shankh also known as Ardha Chandra Shankh is a rare Tantric conch shell the worship of which, is said to give the worshipper the same benefits as that of worshipping Laxmi-Narayana.  In this post, I have described a special Mantra Sadhana to energize and purify the Vishnu Shankh for use in the home or office. Apart from the physical, mental, material and monetary benefits, I have also written about a couple beauty and health remedies, which can be practice using the Vishnu Shankh.

The Vishnu Shankh is a very uncommon conch shell, which is said to resemble the Garuda; the Vahan or Celestial Vehicle of Bhagwan Vishnu. It is also shaped like an Ardha Chandra or Half Moon, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Ardha Chandra Shankh. This conch shell is normally found on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, of which the conch shells found on the American Coast are said to be of the best quality.  Apart from the coastal regions, the Vishnu Shankh can also be found in mountainous regions and the Kailash Mansarovar.  If lucky enough to be in the possession of a genuine Vishnu Shankh, you can perform the Mantra Sadhana described below.

The Vishnu Shankh can be installed in the home or office on any day in the morning after having a bath and wearing clean clothes. The practitioner should place the Vishnu Shankh in front of him, chant the Mantra shown by me in the image 108 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala and then blow the Shankh, and keep it in the house or office. The corner of the Ishanya Disha [North-Eastern Direction] is the most suitable place for keeping the Vishnu Shankh. The same Mantra can be chanted once daily in front of the Shankh.

Purification and Energization  Mantra of the Sacred Hindu Conch Shell, the Vishnu Shankh
Purification Mantra of Vishnu Shankh

For increasing beauty – Clean drinking water should be put inside the Vishnu Shankh at night and consumed in the morning on a regular basis. This is said to make the complexion smooth and glowing and enhance the facial looks of the practitioner. The same remedy, if performed by pregnant women is said to enhance the beauty of the child inside their wombs.

For getting relief from Heart and other diseases- Clean drinking water should be filled inside the Vishnu Shankh on Purmina [Full Moon Day] and the Shankh should be kept under the Moonlight at night. The water in the Shankh should be consumed in the morning for getting relief from Heart problems and other diseases and ailments.

Note- Scientifically speaking the Vishnu Shankh is rich in Phosphorus, Brimstone and Calcium content.


  1. if a shabar mqntra for deh protection(body protection) from paranormal attacke is said to be recited 31 times then infused with gangajal for protection ,,,,if such mantra is recited 155 times and then infused with gangajal ,,,does the power or potency of the infused gangajal increases,,,...

    1. Ganga Jal is the sacred water used for purification purposes. The use depends on the recommendations given for specific kind of Mantra Sadhana.


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