Shabar Mantra to Balance Shifted Navel

Displaced or Shifted Navel or Nabhi Ukhadna- Sarakna is basically a physical condition, which adversely affects the physical mental and health of the entire body. This condition is specific to Yoga and Kundalini Tantra, more specific to the Nabhi Chakra also called as the Third, Navel, Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra. In this post, I have described a Hindu Shabar Healing Mantra, which is attributed with the paranormal healing powers of balancing and bringing the Displaced Navel back to its original place.

The Mantra Experiment for Navel Balancing should be performed on any Sunday or Tuesday. The practitioner should take a Bamboo having nine rings. Then he has to chant the Navel Balancing Mantra shown in the image and blow his breath on the topmost ring and then repeat the same procedure on each of the other rings from top to bottom[nine times in all].

Shabar Hanuman Healing Mantra to Balance Shifted Navel
Shabar Mantra to Balance Shifted Navel

Then he must make the person with the Shifted Navel lie down on the ground without his shirt or vest and place the bamboo horizontally on his bare stomach in the approximate position of the solar plexus and belly-button.

Then, he has to again chant the Mantra seven times and blow his breath on one end of the Bamboo and then repeat the procedure on the other end of the Bamboo.

This completes the Mantra Experiment for Balancing a Displaced Navel. It can be repeated every day until positive results are obtained.

This Shabar Healing Mantra as can be seen from its wordings, invokes Hanuman in order to give relief to the sufferer by bringing the Shifted Navel back to its original place in the body.

The Yantra for Balancing Shifted Navel can be seen here- Yantra for Curing Displaced Navel


  1. Hi Neel Ji

    You have something like this which can fix the shifted of the Baby bag for Ladies.

    Please advise


    1. These related posts were published on this site sometime back.

  2. what is meant by bamboo with nine rings


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