Meaning of Dreams About Fruits Trees and Flowers

In this post, I have described unique meanings for dreams about trees, flowers, fruits, greenery and forests and actions connected to them. These interpretations for these specific dreams on vegetation are primarily based upon the Indian Tantra on Swapna Phal and Rahasya.

As usual, like in all my earlier articles on dreams and their meanings, readers can take these dream interpretations as basic guidelines because there are numerous other factors, which are essential for dream to become reality.

Roses- Success, Money, and the removal of dangers, obstacles and problems. All in all a very positive and auspicious dream.
Blood Red Rose- An inauspicious dream with the possibility of some bad or worrisome news on the horizon.
Orange Tree- This dream indicates the possibility of owning a Dasi [Maid or Multi Purpose Woman Servant].
Sandalwood Tree- Dreaming of this tree indicates fame, respect, recognition and honor.
Eating Kheer, Curds or any Sweet Dish on a Petal of the Lotus Flower- This is a most auspicious dream which foretells the possibility of a getting a high office or a big promotion in the job.
Watermelon- Seeing watermelon in a dream is indicative of money, fame and honor,
Dried Flowers- Disease and illness.
Fresh Flowers- Money, promotion in the job, destruction of enemies and success.
Garland of flowers- An excellent dream indicates happiness from women and children. Opening up of fortune.
Seeing a Branch of a Tree Break- An inauspicious dream with the possibility of the death of a family member.
Dhak of Flame of the Forest Tree- This is an inauspicious dream, which indicates the possibility of illness and sudden dangers, obstacles and problems.
Seeing Black Trees, Fruit or Flowers- This is an inauspicious dream with the possibility of domestic and family problems,  disease and sickness.
Seeing things other than Flowers or Fruits growing on Trees or the Trees, Fruits or Flowers speaking- This is an inauspicious dream with the possibly of troubles, dangers and poor financial conditions.
Tree in a Farm- Possibility of help from a rich and wealthy person.
Roaming in a Garden- An auspicious dream foretelling of the successful completion of a desired task or wish, disappearance of old worries and sudden gain of money or sudden journey.
Fruits- An auspicious dream indicating that if determination and hard work are shown all tasks and jobs will be completed.
Fresh Fruit fallen from a Tree or Heap of Fresh Fruits- Fulfillment of ambition or gain of progeny.
Dried Fruits-  Domestic troubles or problems in the house.
Eating Fruits- Dreaming about eating fruits is an auspicious dream indicating success and good fortune.
Raw Fruits- Worries and illness.
Ripe Fruits- An overall environment of peace and happiness.
Green Fruits- Worries, disease and sickness.
Green Tree- Indicates hopes and success in romance and love life.
Tree devoid of Fruits and Flowers- Dream indicates chances of being cheated or deceived. Also indicates problems, family and domestic disputes.
Falling Down from a Tree- Disease and sickness.
A Cut Tree- Loss of money and materials.
A Tree having Fresh Flowers or Buds- Auspicious dream foretells freedom from worry and fear. Successful completion of tasks or work in hand.
Climbing a Tree- Change in the job, new job or transfer or change of departments or responsibilities.
A Tree full of Fruits- An excellent dream foretelling abundance, money, wealth and opening up of fortune.
Dense Greenery - Dream indicates that you will get your just and due rewards.
Thick Forest- Dream indicates enthusiasm to undertake new tasks or projects.


  1. but sir in upanishad(i think) it says in upanishads I do not remember exactly but it's like "kalpitam jiva loke" the dream (swapnam) is an imagination a world created by the Jiva

  2. Hello sir. Iam a true follower of neel and Ashok sir. Sir my question is when I was coming with my kid from school a crow much above came from left and was cawing flying for 2 to 3 seconds above us and then it left . Before 5 minutes of this incident I saw many crows flying very far. What does this all mean sir? From that time I am worried . Is it a good omen or bad omen or no meaning . ? If bad what prarthana should I do sir. Kindly reply Iam a mother of small kid very much worried

    1. Think nothing about it, it is not an omen or any other paranormal occurrence.

  3. Thank u sir . God bless neel and Ashok sir.


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