Powerful Mantra for Vashikaran, Beauty, Wealth and Success

In this post, I have written about a Most Powerful and Diverse Mantra Chant that has been attributed with the powers of fulfilling wishes relating to Vashikaran, Gain of Money and Wealth, Victory over Enemies and Rivals, Gain of Beauty and Good Looks and the fulfillment of any cherished wish or desire of the practitioner.

This is a Siddh Mantra Chant that does not need to be Mastered and it also gives Siddhi, Riddhi and Vriddhi meaning spiritual and material gain and increase or advancement in life.

The Mantra, which has originated from the Jain Religion is a very strong and effective Mantra Chant that has to be chanted only 27 times daily in the morning to be able to succeed in everything that is attempted by the practitioner on that day and the day passes by happily without any problems and obstacles.

Powerful Mantra for Vashikaran, Beauty, Victory,  Wealth and Success

ॐ णमो भगवते विश्व चिंतामणि लाभ दे, रूप दे, जस दे, जय दे, आनय आनय महेश्वरी मम वांछितार्थ  पूरय पूरय सर्व सिद्धिं ऋद्धिं वृद्धिं सर्वजन वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Bhagavate Vishwa Chintaamani Laabh De, Roop De, Jas De, Jay De, Aanaya Aanaya Maheshvari Mam Vaamchhitaarth Pooraya Pooraya Sarva Siddhim Riddhim Vriddhim Sarvajan Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

The benefits that can be gained by chanting this Mantra daily can be seen from the composition or the wordings of the Mantra Chant.

How to use the Mantra to get success in everything daily

The composition of the Mantra is simple and easy to understand and the practitioner should memorize the Mantra before actually using it for getting happiness and satisfaction in life.

For example, if you are an employed person you can chant the Mantra in the morning before going to your office or if you are a shopkeeper or business person you can chant the Mantra before opening your shop or office.

Before chanting the Mantra the practitioner should remember his Ishta Devta or favored deity once and then chant the Mantra 27 times.

This is said to ensure that everything goes well and the practitioner is able to attract every man or woman he comes across during the course of the day.

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  1. Does vashikaran mantras have negative effect on us???
    This mantra being Jain mantra should not have any I'll effects. Correct??
    N there is no other vidhi to be performed???

  2. I have started practicing this since the day it was published here and it has benefitted me immensely. I go a new job offer on the next day (I was laid off a few days before), and I have gained huge respect in my new work place from day 1. I have continued the practice of chanting this mantra 27 times since November 3 and I could see heightened respect and success at everything I did. Thank you for posting this. I couldn't believe this would start working wonders from day 2.

    1. Hello Arnbag,

      How did you do the mantra,, i mean did you chant before stepping out of the house or did you chant in morning or night, can i chant on bed without any diya , , before I sleep,
      Let me know dear

    2. .The author has given all the information then why there is so much confusion . chant in the morning don't chant when in menstruation cycle. chant with belief and pray in front of favoured deity .

  3. Is a bath necessary? Can we do it in bed right away in the morning?


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